anandham vilayadum veedu
anandham vilayadum veedu tamil film

Anandham Vilayadum Veedu (Eng: Home Filled With Happiness) is a 2021 Indian Tamil-language action drama film written and directed by Nandha Periyasamy and produced by Sri Vaari Film. The film stars Gautham Karthik, Cheran and Shivathmika Rajasekhar with a supporting cast including Saravanan, Vignesh, Daniel Balaji, Rajendran and Soundararaja. The film was released in theatres on 24 December 2021.
Periya Aambalai (Joe Malloori) plays an elderly man who has four sons, Kasi (Saravanan), Pazhanisamy (Vignesh), Dharmaraj (Snehan) and a daughter with his deceased first wife. Muthupandi (Cheran), Chella, Selvam (Soundararaja) and Mahesh are his sons with his second wife. Kasi has two children, Sakthivel (Gautham Karthik) and Venpa. Muthupandi is very affectionate towards his half brother Kasi and also employs his nephew Sakthivel in his lorry business. (Daniel Balaji) who plays Karuppan is an evil money lender who loses his business due the brothers working hard, helping one another and waits for an opportunity to destroy them. When Venba gets pregnant after marriage the Kasi decides to have the childbirth in their home but since its in bad shape decides to build a new house. Muthupandi offers his land to Kasi who in return promises to build a house for the entire family of thirty members. The construction begins and Karuppan starts plotting against them and creates rifts between the half brothers.

Directed by Nandha Periyasamy
Written by Nandha Periyasamy
Produced by P Ranganathan
Starring Gautham Karthik, Cheran, Shivathmika Rajasekhar, Saravanan
Cinematography Borra Bhalabharani
Edited by N. B. Srikanth
Music by Siddhu Kumar
Production Sri Vaari Film
Release date 24 December 2021
Running time 140 minutes
Country India
Language Tamil


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