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Bhamakalapam is a 2022 Indian Telugu-language crime comedy thriller film written and directed by Abhimanyu. Produced by SVCC Digital, Bhamakalapam stars Priyamani alongside John Vijay, Shanthi Rao, and Sharanya Pradeep. Bhamakalapam’s soundtrack and score is composed by Justin Prabhakaran and Mark K. Robin, respectively.
The title and the central theme of the film is inspired from Bhamakalapam, a traditional dance form of Andhra Pradesh which refers to the story of a headstrong, proud Satyabhama. Bhamakalapam was premiered on 11 February 2022 on Aha.
Plot starts with a young kid listening to a preacher at a spiritual gathering talking about the story of a special egg. According to the story, there was an egg that Mary brings to people after Jesus was crucified to indicate the return of Jesus in 3 days. Jesus was known to return after 3 days. In the current time, an Egg is stolen from a Museum in Kolkata which is worth ₹200 crore. It is one of the few precious Easter eggs made by a Russian jewellery maker Faberge which used to be owned by kings of old times. With the stolen egg, Mani and his associate, on their way to the ring leader Nayar meet with an accident on a bridge. The Egg falls off from the bridge and lands on a poultry truck among the edible eggs. Nayar kills the associate and orders Mani to find the Egg or meet the same fate.
Anupama is a nosy neighbour in an apartment complex who lives there with her husband Mohan and son Varun. She does cooking videos on YouTube. She is too interested in other people’s affairs, always observing others through the window and gathering information from Shilpa, who works as a maid in the apartments. Feroz, a poultry shop owner finds the Egg, decides to steal it and hides it in his home. He lives in the same society as Anupama. Mani knows that Feroz has the Egg through his assistant. Feroz and his wife have an argument one night and the following day his wife isn’t seen home. Anupama who observed the argument through the window suspects something and decides to know what happened. With the help of Shilpa, Anupama manages to get a fake key and stumbles upon the dead body of Feroz inside. Mani, who is there to collect the Egg attacks Anupama. In a scuffle, Anupama stabs Mani with a fork which makes him unconscious. She drags Mani’s body into her house and hides it in the kitchen.
Police arrive at the apartment next day to investigate Feroz’s murder, team led by officer Pallavi. They suspect Mani of killing Feroz and fleeing away. On the other hand, Nayar’s men steal apartment’s CC footage where they see Anupama carrying Mani’s body. Nayar blackmails Anupama to find the Egg and bring it to him. She couldn’t find the Egg in Feroz’s house nor in Mani’s pockets. Anupama in an attempt to smuggle the dead body out with the help of an associate gets caught by a corrupt constable. After they throw the body in a river packed in a suitcase, the constable demands money stopping their vehicle on way home. Nayar gets him killed and orders Anupama to bring the Egg and kidnaps her son, Varun.
It is revealed that Feroz’s wife is the one who took the Egg. She is a disciple of Daniel Babu, a religious leader. He believes that it is the Egg which was spoken about in the story of Mary/Jesus and he awaits the descent of God to Earth. He is the one who actually killed Feroz and now also kills another woman in the apartment who finds out the truth. Anupama recollects that she saw a locket in Feroz’s house while searching for the Egg which actually belongs to Daniel. With the help of Shilpa, Anupama hands over Daniel to Nayar and goes to his house in the search of the Egg.
Police discover Mani’s body in the river along with a knife. Pallavi figures out that it is the same knife Anupama uses in her cooking videos. As Anupama finds the Egg and comes out of Daniel’s house, Pallavi catches her and suspects her of the murders. Meanwhile, Daniel escapes Nayar by killing all of Nayar’s men and reaches his house. He kills Pallavi and starts firing at Anupama. She manages to survive after taking a bullet. Meanwhile, Mohan arrives with Police and they take Daniel into custody. Bhamakalapam ends with a message : “Not to await the God and believe in human power”.

Directed by Abhimanyu
Written by Abhimanyu
Produced by Bhogavalli Bapineedu & Sudheer Edara
Starring Priyamani, John Vijay, Shanthi Rao, Sharanya Pradeep
Cinematography Deepak Yeragera
Edited by Viplav Nyshadam
Music by Mark K. Robin
Production SVCC Digital
Distributed by Aha
Release date 11 February 2022
Running time 133 minutes
Country India
Language Tamil


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