anbe odi vaa
anbe odi vaa tamil film

Anbe Odi Vaa is a 1984 Indian Tamil-language film produced and directed by R. Renjith Kumar. The film stars Mohan and Urvashi .
Prema (Urvashi) transfers to a college in the same town as college student Mahesh (Mohan). She is rich, beautiful and harbors a deep sense of entitlement. Mahesh is reserved and primarily focused on his education as well as excelling in running track. He politely ignores Prema the few times they meet which enrages her. She makes it a point to reach out to him and fosters a friendship. Mahesh soon falls in love with Prema and she becomes the focus of life. Prema plays along in an attempt to get revenge. She finally comes clean when Mahesh risks his life to save her. Prema apologizes and states that while she respects him, she doesn’t love him. She’s set to marry another man and walks out of his life. Years later, Mahesh is a professor in Bombay and befriends one of his students, Priya (Indira). In a visit to her house, he realizes Priya’s older sister is Prema. After leaving him, Prema gets in an accident and is disfigured which stops her marriage. Embarrassed by her looks, she’s been a recluse and has had a lot of time to think about her actions. When the two meet again, Prema realizes that she does love Mahesh but is reluctant to tell him given their history. Mahesh is still in love with Prema and writes her a letter expressing his desire for them to unite. Unfortunately, Priya gets the letter and assumes that Mahesh loves her. Prema learns the truth and finds herself in a bind as she doesn’t want to hurt her sister or Mahesh. The three must find themselves out of this odd triangle.

Directed by R. Renjith Kumar
Screenplay by R. Renjith Kumar
Story by Sivachandran
Produced by R. Renjith Kumar
Starring Mohan, Urvashi
Cinematography R. Renjith Kumar
Edited by A. Selvanathan
Music by Ilaiyaraaja
Production KR Art Pictures
Release date 11 May 1984
Country India
Language Tamil


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