arthamulla aasaigal
arthamulla aasaigal tamil film

Arthamulla Aasaigal (Eng: Meaningful desires) is a 1985 Indian Tamil-language film directed by Babu Maharaja for Peninsula Productions. The film stars Karthik Muthuraman, Ambika, Anand Babu and Sadhana.
Selvam is a poor fisherman in the town of Mullaipattinam. He struggles to feed his family and is determined to become rich by any means. He clashes with Radha, the daughter of Krishnan, the richest man in town. With no job and little prospects left in town, Selvam leaves for Madras and quickly finds a place with a group of smugglers. Prabhu, the leader of the group, acquires foreign goods and opium from Shanthakumar and sells them on the black market. Selvam makes money in his new job but also attracts the attention of Customs Inspector Ganesh. In a twist of fate, he befriends Ganesh’s younger brother Anand Babu. Selvam also meets Radha again, and they soon fall in love. Shanthakumar and Prabhu end their partnership as the former is distrustful of Prabhu’s girlfriend Ganga. Krishnan learns of Radha and Selvam’s love affair and opposes it as he’s promised Radha’s hand in marriage to Prabhu. Selvam loses his position with Prabhu’s organization and begins to work with Shantakumar. He soon becomes very rich and powerful. Selvam builds a mansion for his mother and sister Jaya. Anand and Jaya meet at a dance class and fall for each other. Selvam is supportive of their love, but Ganesh is hesitant to allow his brother to marry a smuggler’s sister. He will allow the wedding to take place only after Selvam surrenders for his crimes. Prabhu is determined to destroy Selvam and marry Radha. Selvam finds himself cornered by law enforcement as he struggles to arrange Jaya’s marriage to Anand and rescue Radha from Prabhu.

Directed by Babu Maharaja
Produced by B.Mohammad Kassim & A.Thajudeen
Written by Babu Maharaja
Starring Karthik, Ambika, Anand Babu, Sadhana, Jaishankar, Sathyaraj
Music by Gangai Amaran
Cinematography A. V. Ramakrishnan
Edited by K. R. Ramalingam
Production Peninsula Productions
Release date 27 September 1985
Country India
Language Tamil


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