autograph tamil movie
autograph tamil movie

Autograph is a 2004 Tamil movie directed by Cheran. The film’s soundtrack is composed by Bharathwaj. Cheran also plays the lead role in the film, and other cast members include Sneha, Gopika, Kanika and Mallika.
Autograph was remade into Telugu as Naa Autograph (2004) with Ravi Teja and in Kannada as My Autograph (2006) with Sudeep directing himself as a lead actor. The film was released in India in February 2004, and was screened at the Lyon Asian Film Festival in France and at the Montreal World Film Festival in Canada. Upon release, the film met with critical acclaim and commercial success.
The romantic story begins with Senthil (Cheran) setting off on a journey, to invite his friends and family for his forthcoming wedding. Along the way, he encounters various individuals from his past, who bring back memories of three women that have had an impact on his love life.
The movie begins with Senthil, who runs an advertising agency, boarding a train to visit his native village to invite all his friends for his wedding. During the journey he reminisces his teenage days. The happenings in the school, his tussle with his friends and his first love with his classmate, Kamala (Mallika), are all pictured with fun and drama. Senthil reaches the village and invites all including Kamala, who promises to come to the wedding, with her husband and three children. Then, he goes to Kerala where he had his college education. His major crush at that time was Lathika (Gopika), a Malayalee girl, with whom he falls in love but later the affair proves to be short-lived as her parents marry her off to her cousin, Madhavan. On reaching Kerala to invite her, Cheran is slightly disturbed to see his ex-lover as a widow. But is dejected by her on his attempts to re-kindle his love affair
On his journey he comes across his trusted friend Divya (Sneha), who instils confidence and elucidates him to the life lesson – that one has to go ahead in life without looking back. While she and Senthil travel on a bus, she reveals her tragic experience, that her mother is a paralytic patient and that she is the bread-winner of the family. As time passes by, she reveals that she was in love with someone and believed that he was the man of her life, but was let down. A poetic narration on the need for a good companion like Senthil who gives attention to her is stressed, even if it isn’t possible at his stage. In the end, Senthil gets married to a girl of his parents choice, Thenmozhi (Kanika), and all the three girls, who was a part in his life, and his school-college friends attend his wedding. Also this sets a very jovial ending to the story.

Directed by Cheran
Produced by Cheran
Written by Cheran
Starring Cheran, Sneha, Gopika, Mallika, Kanika
Music by Bharathwaj
Cinematography Ravi Varman & Vijay Milton
Edited by S. Sathesh & J. N. Harsha
Production Dream Theatres
Release dates 20 February 2004
Running time 168 minutes
Country India
Language Tamil


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