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Bommai Kalyanam (Eng: Fake Wedding) is a 1958 Indian Tamil-language romantic drama film, directed by R. M. Krishnaswamy. The film stars Sivaji Ganesan, Jamuna and Mynavathi. Bommai Kalyanam had musical score by K. V. Mahadevan and was released on 3 May 1958. It was simultaneously produced in Telugu as Bommala Pelli.
Kannan (Sivaji) is a playful teenage boy, in the cusp between puberty and adolescent, the son of the famous and well-to-do lawyer Varadarajan (Nagaiah) and Thangam (Santha Kumari). While playing football, he meets Radha (Jamuna), the daughter of a well respected freedom fighter family of Veeramuthu (Ranga Rao) and Maragatham (Rushyendramani). At first sight both fall in love.
Varadarajan is a modest man, but Thangam is a greedy woman. Thangam wishes to marry off Kannan to her brother Sonachalam’s (Friend Ramasamy) and Perundhevi (Sundari Bai) couple’s daughter Kannamma (Mynavathi) and invites them to her place. Kannamma is a naive girl and Mannar (Kaka Radhakrishnan), Perundhevi’s brother loves her. Varadarajan likes the simplicity of Veeramuthu’s family and agrees on the alliance of Kannan and Radha. When Thangam opposes this, Varadarajan, in order to carry on with the wedding, lies to her that Veeramuthu will present a large dowry. The wedding takes place.
After the wedding, Perundhevi, who is furious that Kannamma is not the bride, instigates Thangam to query regarding the dowry. A scuffle takes place between the two families and Thangam wishes to send back Radha to her parents place, but Kannan sides with Radha and accepts her whole-heartedly. Meanwhile, Sonachalam wishes to leave home, but Perundhevi, who is in agony, decides to stay back and plans to create hatred between Thangam and Radha. In turn, Thangam tortures Radha in every possible way, but Radha fights back and keeps calm. Matters get worse when Varadarajan dies, but not before seeking a promise from Kannan not to disobey Thangam. Kannan and Radha’s marriage life hits a roadblock. When coming to know that Thangam treats Radha very badly, Veeramuthu steps in and takes Radha, who is driven away by both Thangam and Perundevi, away to his place.
When Kanna comes back, Thangam and Perundevi lie to him that Radha had gone to her parents place along with Veeramuthu, without seeking their consent. That night, Radha tries to meet Kannan, but Thangam would not let Radha in. Meanwhile, Kannamma unwittingly lets know Kannan regarding this incident and Kannan goes to Veeramuthu’s place to explain, in order to take back Radha. Veeramuthu spells out to Kannan clearly that Radha would not go to Kannan’s place as long as Thangam is there. Taking this opportunity, Thangam and Peundhevi force and arrange Kannamma to be married to Kannan. Observing all this, Sonachalam and Mannar attempt to abduct Kannamma, but fail. To make matters worse, Thangam sends a letter to Radha informing that Kannan would remarry and restricts Radha not to interfere in Kannan’s life anymore.
On the engagement day, Kannan who is badly disturbed by the events, falls from the first floor of his balcony and is badly injured. Upon hearing this, Radha rushes to Kannan’s place, was stopped by Veeramuthu, but later consents after hearing to Radha’s plea. Kannan is happy to see Radha around, tells her not to leave him even though Thangam mistreats her and Radha assures this. At this juncture, Thangam and Perundevi further humiliate Veeramuthu to the worst, which drives him to sell his mansion to compensate with much dowry. Thangam tries all her best to drive Radha away, but to no avail and she becomes violent. Radha hides in one of the rooms, but Thangam tries to force open the door, when the door collapse onto Thangam. At the same time, Veeramuthu parades the dowry items from his home throughout the streets, much to the residents’ dismay and reaches Kannan’s place. Upon seeing all this, Perundevi and Kannamma flee.
Thangam realises her error on her deathbed and seeks apology from Kannan, Radha and Veeramuthu then dies. Kannan and Radha reunite and live happily.

Directed by R. M. Krishnaswamy
Screenplay by Aatreya
Produced by M. Radhakrishnan & R. M. Krishnaswamy
Starring Sivaji Ganesan, Jamuna, Mynavathi
Cinematography C. A. Madhusudhan
Edited by R. M. Venugopal
Music by K. V. Mahadevan
Production Aruna Films
Distributed by Subbu & Co.
Release dates 3 May 1958
Running time 131 mins
Country India
Languages Tamil


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