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Chinna is a 2005 Indian Tamil-language romantic thriller film directed by Sundar C. It stars Arjun and Sneha in lead roles.
The film begins with Gayathri (Sneha) marrying an irrigation engineer (Vikramaditya) against her wishes. As she conducts her marriage with mechanical unconsciousness, her sunken heart reflects her past. Gayathri, a marine student, goes to Rameswaram to study coral reefs and marine ecosystems while staying with her uncle and cousin in a fisherman hamlet. There, she witnesses Chinna (Arjun) and his assistants – local mobsters working for a gang – committing pitiless and violent crimes. Though she wanted to report these crimes to the local SP, her uncle and cousin dissuade her. Meanwhile, she asks her uncle for a guide to take her to locations rich in marine life. Her uncle asks him to help Gayathri in her pursuit. After a couple of close encounters with Chinna, Gayathri understands his soft, childlike nature and vows to reform him as a socially acceptable man. Later, love blossoms between them. Even as he tries to make his life straight, a violent feud ensues between him and the local gang. Trying to save Gayathri, he kills the gang leader and is sentenced to life imprisonment. Taking advantage of Chinna’s absence, Gayathri’s parents marry her to the irrigation engineer. As the story ploughs through in the second half, Chinna, characterized by the obsession with “Gayathri”, kills people working against his goal to attain his ladylove. At the end, after much drama, when Chinna almost killed Gayathri’s husband, Gayathri shot him in order to save her husband. He asked Gayathri if she had feelings for him before this, at least for a second. Just after she shakes her head saying yes, he jumps off the building. The movie ends there, indicating his death.

Directed by Sundar C.
Written by Sundar C.
Produced by Sreenivasa Raju
Starring Arjun, Sneha
Cinematography Prasad Murella
Edited by Kasi Viswanathan
Music by D. Imman
Production Sri Sri Chitra
Release date 15 July 2005
Running time 150 minutes
Country India
Language Tamil


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