DayKnight 2020
day knight tamil movie

Day Knight is a Tamil movie released on 14 Feb, 2020. The movie is directed by NK Kandi and featured Aadarsh, Annam Shajan and Riya Choudhary as lead characters.
The story is set in Australia and Annam (Annam) runs away on her marriage day to her lover Joseph (Aadarsh) and the two start living together promising each other that they would touch each other only after a formal wedding. Joseph accidentally meets a dying gangster and takes home a bag of cash found on him. The don and his henchmen come hunting for Aadarsh and people start getting killed one by one and shockingly Annam too is murdered. After a year a call comes from Annam’s number and she starts speaking to him. Is the caller Annam’s ghost, what happened to the money and the gangsters and who killed Annam is what the film is all about.


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