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Dhilluku Dhuddu (Eng: Money for Guts) is a Tamil slapstick comedy-horror film directed by Rambala and produced by Sri Thenandal Films. The film features starring Santhanam and Shanaya in the leading roles, while Saurabh Shukla appears in a pivotal role. Featuring music composed by S. Thaman, Dhilluku Dhuddu began production in November 2015 and released on 7 July 2016 and turned to be successful at box office.
The film starts with a story about a greedy woman who wanted to marry the King. After they got married, they weren’t able live together for a very long time. She departs to live with her old lover. Later, she becomes pregnant and gives birth to a boy. The woman secretly takes care of the boy until one day the king comes to know about it. In anger the King throws the boy into the fire. Out of grief, the mother sacrifices her soul to the Satan as present by hanging herself in front of the house. After hearing this, The King also fell into grief and falls from his fort and dies. Later the people who lived near the house felt paranormal activities and were killed by the ghost. This news travels to a Buddhist Monk and he offers a visit to Sivankondamalai. There, the Buddhist Monk starts meditating in Sivankondamalai. As he opens his eyes he finds himself in a bungalow and encounters the ghost which threatens to kill him, but the monk traps the ghosts into a magical box and he faints due to concussion. His assistants warn the owner of the bungalow that it is haunted. The story shifts to Chennai where Kajal (Shanaya) who hosts a party for reuniting with her school friends. Then she reveals about her classmate Kumar (Santhanam) who was sent out of school because of Kajal. In the flash back, on a Valentine’s Day, Kajal gives a card to Kumar and he returns it to her affectionately. This act is seen by a teacher and Kumar is dismissed for it. As the story shifts to the present day, Kumar’s uncle Mohan (Karunas) who hasn’t paid the due of his truck loses it to the financier (Saurabh Shukla) who is also Kajal’s father. As Mohan and Kumar break into the financier’s house out of anger (not knowing that it is Kajal’s house). Kajal catches Kumar, acts polite and hands him over to the police without realizing that he is her childhood crush. The next day, Kumar’s father (Anandaraj) standing in front of the police station calls Kajal’s father and threatens him to withdraw the case filed on Kumar. Later, Kajal gets Kumar’s home address and she realizes about Kumar who broke into her house earlier. Simultaneously, Kumar and Mohan plan to kidnap Kajal to teach her a lesson. So, they kidnap her and Kajal reveals herself to Kumar with a kiss and they both fall in love.
Kumar visits a wedding where Kajal is present and as they get personal it is witnessed by Kajal’s sister’s husband (T.M.Karthik) who misinterprets Kumar as Kapoor family’s grandson. When Kajal’s father asks Kumar of his family’s approval, Kumar brings his family for a meeting where Kajal’s father comes to know that they are not a part of Kapoor family. Kajal’s father arranges a marriage for Kajal with a different person but it is stopped by Kumar. Out of defeat, Kajal’s father meets a rowdy, Sketch Mani (Rajendran) to kill Kumar. Mani asks Kajal’s father to bring Kumar and his family in the name of marriage to the haunted house in Sivankodamalai to murder Kumar and his family in the name of ghost. Before they leave, Kumar’s mother prays to Lord Muruga and accidentally drops the Vel in the bag and takes it along. But nobody knows that the house is haunted (including Mani). On the way,Kumar’s family is haunted by some road-side hotel members. Mani and his sidekicks enter the house as servants.The magical box containing the spirits still remain in the house.
Later, Mani and his sidekicks start to scare Kajal with the concept of ghost. Mani and his sidekicks try to scare Kumar and Kumar comes to know that it was just a drama. So Kumar informs this to his family and Kumar asks them to hit anybody in the form of ghost. The monk who realizes that when the moon’s light touches the box, the ghosts inside it will get released. The monk sends a disciple to get that box, but Kumar’s father and Mohan mistake him for an intruder and knock him out. Eventually, the moon’s light touches the box and the ghosts inside get released. Kumar comes to know that Mani and his sidekicks are the ones who is scaring them. Kumar encounters the real ghost. As the ghost starts to haunt the house, the monk arrives and draws one of the ghosts into the box and the other ghost enters the Kajal’s body out of rage. The monk enters a realm where Kajal’s soul is trapped and hears a cry calling out of Kumar. The monk asks for Kumar and sends him into the realm to control the ghost, but he gets trapped there. Fortunately, Kumar’s mother takes the Vel and places it in Kumar’s hand it was an incident he got the power . As Kumar gains spiritual confidence, he kills the ghost with the Vel.
After few months, Kajal and Kumar get married and are living happily.

Directed by Rambala
Produced by N. Ramasamy
Starring Santhanam, Shanaya
Music by Original Songs S. Thaman Background Score Karthik Raja
Cinematography Deepak Kumar Pathy
Edited by Gopi Krishna
Production Sri Thenandal Films
Distributed by Mishri Enterprises
Release date 7 July 2016
Running time 133 minutes
Country India
Language Tamil


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