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Thondan (Eng: Volunteer) is a 2017 Indian Tamil vigilante drama film written and directed by Samuthirakani. The film features Vikranth in the lead role, with Samuthirakani also in a pivotal role. Featuring music composed by Justin Prabhakaran, the venture began production in December 2016.
Narayanan (Namo Narayana) is the son of Pandiyanar, a Central Minister and Narayanan uses his father’s name to make money by corruption, though his father is against it. One day some goons try to kill a man in daylight, as instructed by Narayanan due to some vengeance. The man is lying in a pool of blood and a local witnesses this and informs to the ambulance. The ambulance driver is “Vishnu” (Samuthirakani), who is a kind hearted man and has never let anyone die who he has taken in his ambulance. Vishnu admits the man in the hospital and he is saved. Narayanan is angry with Vishnu for saving his enemy and warns him for which he replies that saving lives of people is his duty.
Vishnu has a father and a sister, who is stalked by Vicky (Vikranth), a drunkard and jobless youth who also happens to be a friend of Vishnu. Vishnu warns Vicky and convinces him to do something useful in life and makes him attend the Medical Technician course. He successfully completes it and saves lives of people, earning the love of Vishnu and his family.
Vishnu’s sister has a friend who is stalked by Ravi, the brother of Narayanan and she beats him with a slipper in a bus in front of many people. Insulted by this, he plans his revenge against her and beats her up with a wooden log inside her class room. The fellow students see this and smash him in the classroom, killing him. The attack is led by Vishnu’s sister. Vishnu arrives with his ambulance to admit Ravi to the hospital. To avoid traffic, he takes the outer bypass, infuriating Narayanan. Ravi succumbs to the injury and Narayanan blames Vishnu for this and beats him up. But he is saved by the public. Narayanan vows to kill Vishnu.
Vishnu gets m ather loses his hearing ability and wife suffers a miscarriage. Deeply saddened by this, Vishnu confronts Narayanan who pleads he is innocent. Vishnu believes that being a common man, he cannot do anything against such a powerful man who has political support. Narayanan regularly bribes the local Police Inspector and government officials and have them under his control. Vishnu is helped by the Sub Inspector who saves him from getting arrested by the Police for attacking Narayanan.
So Vishnu decides to play the rough game. He plans to destroy Narayanan and bring him to justice. He starts with gathering all the details of the properties owned by Narayanan. He also gets more documents and a video footage of him insulting the Police Inspector and government officials while bribing from Narayanan’s auditor, who helps Vishnu because he saved the Auditor’s wife once in his ambulance. Vishnu gathers all evidence and realizes that Narayanan used his father’s name to earn huge money and bought so much properties by corruption. Vishnu documents all these evidences and sends them to IT,Vigilance and other departments. And he also sends the video footage to the wives of the Police Inspector and government officials, who lose their respect among their family. So the Police Inspector and government officials decide to teach Narayanan a lesson and stop supporting him for his further actions.
The IT department raids Narayanan’s house and confisticate all his belongings and arrest him. Narayanan tries to escape but meets with an accident. While he is struggling, it is Vishnu who comes with his ambulance saves him,despite Narayanan being his enemy.

Directed by Samuthirakani
Produced by R. Manikandan
Written by Samuthirakani
Starring Vikranth, Samuthirakani, Sunaina
Music by Justin Prabhakaran
Cinematography N. K. Ekambaram & Richard M. Nathan
Edited by A. L. Ramesh
Production Vasundara Devi Cine Films
Distributed by Vasundara Devi Cine Films
Release date 26 May 2017
Country India
Language Tamil


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