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Erumbu (Eng:‚ÄČAnt) is a 2023 Indian Tamil-language drama film written, directed, and produced by Suresh G. It stars Charle, M. S. Bhaskar, George Maryan, Monica Siva and Shakthi Rithvik. The music is composed by Arun Raj, and the film released on 16 June 2023.
The film is titled Erumbu because the two kids, Muthu (Rithvik) and Pachamma (Monica), face struggles regardless of their age, which is compared to an ant carrying a weight equal to 20 times its actual weight.
A young boy, Muthu, loses a one-gram ring and sets out to find it before his family returns house. Throughout the journey, his sister Pachamma and a friend support him.

Directed by Suresh G
Written by Suresh G
Produced by Suresh Gunasekaran
Starring Charle, M S Bhaskar, George Maryan, Monica Siva, Shakthi Rithvik
Cinematography K. S. Kalidass
Edited by Thiyagarajan M
Music by Arun Raj
Production Mandru GVS Production
Distributed by Blockbuster Production
Release date 16 June 2023
Country India
Language Tamil


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