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Konjam Konjam is an Tamil-language family entertainer film written and directed by debutant Uday Sankar. Produced by Betty C.K and P.R.Mohan under their Mimosa Productions company. Production for the film began during Jan 2016. Film was released on 22 September 2017.
The film is a sentimental mixed of emotional content, the three people who played a vital role, Priya Mohan, Gokul Krishnan and Mersheena Neenu were giving an owing performances, Appu Kutty who supports the characters and the movie, it is also compressed with romantic based drama, the movie is directed by Udaysankaran, music is composed by Vallavan..
Gokul Krishnan to keep his family members happy and even to earn money, the guy starts his life at the place of Kerala border with the help of Appu Kutty. There, Gokul falls in love with Divya (Mersheena Neenu), but her stepmother against to their love. Parallel, Gokul’s sister Priya Mohan, who gets injured in the ear drum while using mobile when it was charged up. Now, continually Gokul’s family faces a lot trouble. On all these issues, how Gokul comes out and starts to lead a happy life is the balance script.
The upcoming actor Gokul does a seemly job, Neenu and Priya are given over reflexion on screen, Appukutty and the other artists have done their best in this vapid play.
Nikki Kannan’s Cinematography which gives the embellishment for the movie, the dialogues quite moderately along with unveiling artists.

Directed by Uday Sankaran
Produced by Betty C.K & P.R.Mohan
Written by Uday Sankaran
Starring Gokul Krishna, Priya Mohan, Neenu, Appukutty, Mansoor Ali Khan
Music by Vallavan
Cinematography P.R. Nikki Kannam
Edited by Renjith Touchriver
Production Mimosa Productions
Distributed by Action Reaction
Release date 22 September 2017
Country India
Language Tamil


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