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manal kayiru 2 tamil movie

Manal Kayiru 2 is a 2016 Tamil language drama film directed by Madhan Kumar, starring S. Ve. Shekhar, Ashwin Shekhar and Shamna Kasim in the lead roles. The film is a sequel to the 1982 film, Manal Kayiru.The first look motion poster of the movie was released by Adam & Eve Company on Ashwin Shekhar’s birthday. The movie received mixed reviews.
Though sequels aren’t anything new in Kollywood, a ‘continuation’ to a film which released more than three decades ago, is sure to evince interest among many, especially those who have watched the first instalment. A flawless comic caper, neat performances and thoroughly engaging sequences made Manal Kayiru, a successful venture back in 1982. S Ve Shekher, who played Kittumani, and Visu, who played Naradhar Naidu, stole the show then owing to the camaraderie they shared on screen. Interestingly, the duo enacts the same roles after these many years, and has put up an impressive show. Having said that, Manal Kayiru 2, lacks innovativeness in the plot, and the unconvincing characterisations rub salt in the wound.
So, Kittumani is now well settled in life and he wants his daughter, Nisha (Poorna), who is in her 20s, to get married. His displeasure with Naidu (a matchmaker who has organised around 10,000 weddings) for making his life miserable by getting him a girl who possess no qualities which he had dreamt about continues even after all these years. Though Kittumani’s wife (Jayashree) relies on Naidu for their daughter’s marriage, the former is hell-bent about conducting the marriage without the veteran matchmaker’s help.
All of a sudden, Nisha announces that she, too, has a few conditions like what her father put forward, long back. This puts Kittumani and his wife in a state of confusion, though they later cope up with their daughter’s strange demands, and start looking for an ideal groom. Nisha, who finally gets hitched to Arjun (Ashwin Shekher), learns that she has been cheated and differences crop up among the couple. How they solve those and move forward to lead a happy life forms the rest of the plot.
The one-liners of S Ve Shekher and Visu manage to create laughs here and there, but the other actors comparatively deliver flat performances. Those who loved the first part are sure to get disappointed with this lousy attempt.

Directed by Madhan Kumar
Produced by Murali Ramaswamy
Starring S. Ve. Shekhar, Ashwin Shekhar, Shamna Kasim, Visu, Jagan
Music by Dharan Kumar
Cinematography Gopi
Edited by Athiyappan Siva
Production Sri Thenandal Films
Distributed by Sri Thenandal Films
Release date 23 December 2016
Running time 140 minutes
Country India
Language Tamil


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