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Adhe Kangal (Eng: Same Eyes) is a 2017 Indian Tamil-language romantic thriller film written and directed by Rohin Venkatesan and produced by C. V. Kumar. Adhe Kangal features Kalaiyarasan, Janani Iyer and Sshivada in the leading roles with Bala Saravanan in a supporting role, while Ghibran composes the film’s music. Adhe Kangal had a theatrical release on 26 January 2017 coinciding with India’s Republic Day.
Varun (Kalaiyarasan) is a 25 year old well known chef who has been blind for 10 years. He owns a restaurant in Chennai. He is a only child but is friends with Sadhana (Jannani Iyer) who is a journalist. He has received many awards for being capable of being a chef even though he is blind. One night, while he was closing the restaurant, a woman (Sshivada) comes in and asks if there is any food left for a homeless man outside.He agrees to and she introduces herself as Deepa who works in a retail store in a nearby shopping centre. The next night, she comes to the restaurant again. As they walk together every night, giving food to the homeless, they become friends and fall in love. While this is happening, Sadhana approaches Varun’s parents and reveals that she wishes to get married to him. His parents are more than happy about the news. One day while Deepa and Varun are together, a bearded man (Linga) stops and threatens her to return the money that her father had borrowed from him. When Varun questions her about it, she says its nothing and to leave it.
Varun decides to propose to Deepa one night in his restaurant when she comes to see him in tears. She tells him that a few henchmen broke into her house and threatened her father and that her father has told them that he will return the money in 3 days. She reveals that they borrowed the money for her older sister’s love marriage to a rich guy but now her sister doesn’t really care about the loan and they are suffering because of that. Deepa and her father had decided to commit suicide if they are not able to return the money in 3 days. Varun calms her down and states that he will provide the money from his savings and asks her to marry him.She agrees and hugs him. Unknown to them, Sadhana sees them hug and realises what is happening and leaves the place very upset.
That night, after he walked Deepa home and is alone, Varun is hit by a car. He is rushed to the hospital and it is revealed that he has a serious head injury and will be unconscious for awhile. Sadhana and his parents tend to him. During that time, the doctor advises his parents that Varun’s eyesight can be restored via an operation. His parents were overjoyed by the news and pay for the surgery with a loan and his savings. When Varun wakes up, he is confused and overwhelmed with his situation. His surgery as been successfully as he is able to see. He sees Sadhana for the first time and his parents after years. When he finds out he has been in hospital for 3 weeks, he gets agitated thinking about Deepa waiting for his financial help. He feels guilty everytime there is news about family suicides due to loan shark harrasment. He tries to track her down, searches for her work place and calls her many times but to no avail. He is so upset that his father asks him to go to the police but he refuses and gives up. His mum advises to marry the girl who is in love with him instead of looking for Deepa. He has a discussion with Sadhana and she advises him that she will be fine if he decides to be with Deepa when he finds her. Varun says that he really likes Sadhana and the families meet and make arrangements for their wedding.
A couple days before their wedding, late night, old man walks into the restaurant saying that he is Deepa’s dad and Deepa has been kidnapped as they were not able to return the money. Varun calms him down and hatches a plan. The next morning, he leaves really early with all the wedding jewellery including the thaali without telling anyone. Deepa’s father and he go to a place where the kidnapper is. The kidnapper had covered Deepa’s head with a bag and had a gun pointed to her. The kidnapper gets annoyed that Varun brought jewellery instead of cash. So he bashes Varun, shoots the father, wipes the fingerprints of the gun, gets Varun’s fingerprints on it and carries Deepa away. Varun hears police whistles and rushes back home where his parents and Sadhana are angry and she calls off the wedding. Later Varun watches the news that Deepa’s father is found dead at Nagarkovil due to a road accident. This leads to confusion. So he travels to nagarkovil to find about the accident.
The story next revolves on how Varun manages to find Deepa, the kidnapper and recover the jewelery.

Directed by Rohin Venkatesan
Produced by C. V. Kumar
Written by Rohin Venkatesan
Starring Kalaiyarasan, Janani Iyer, Sshivada
Music by Ghibran
Cinematography Ravivarman Neelamegam
Edited by Leo John Paul
Production Thirukumaran Entertainment
Distributed by Thirukumaran Entertainment
Release date 26 January 2017
Running time 121 minutes
Country India
Language Tamil


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