naan yaar theriyuma
naan yaar theriyuma tamil film

Naan Yaar Theriyuma is a 1967 tamil suspense thriller. Jaishankar returns from abroad to see his mother, but she has been abducted by the villain OAK Devar, a lookalike of Jai Shankar’ s grandfather. There is a letter from his grandfather saying that he has hidden a huge amount of money in a secret place at his Mumbai home and enclosed half portion of the drawing indicating its location keeping other half with him. Villain kills the grandfather and takes one half of the drawing and tries to retrieve the other half from Jaishankar, who goes to Mumbai in search of his mother. Bharathi is the niece of police inspector in Mumbai who helps Jaishankar to defeat the design of the villain with the help of Cho. There is a twist in the tail at the climax scene. Entertaining movie with melodious songs.


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