NallaIdathuSambandam 1959
nalla idathu sammandham tamil movie

Nalla Idathu Sammandham (Eng: The Good Alliance) is 1958 Indian Tamil-language drama film directed by K. Somu. It was the debut production of writer A. P. Nagarajan, who co-produced the film with V. K. Ramasamy. The story was provided by Ramasamy himself, while screenplay and dialogues were written by Nagarajan. It stars M. R. Radha, Prem Nazir, Sowcar Janaki and M. N. Rajam. The film’s soundtrack and background score were composed by K. V. Mahadevan.
After the phenomenal success of his play Ratha Kanneer that was made into a successful movie, M.R. Radha began to dominate Tamil cinema from 1950 to 1960, and he appeared in almost every Tamil film made then. He charged a flat fee of Rs. 60,000 — whether it was for one scene or the complete movie.
And, this was at a time when gold cost less than Rs. 200 a sovereign! One of his popular movies during that era was Nalla Idathu Sammandham, in which he was the leading figure and anti-hero, a concept he made popular in Tamil cinema. It was produced by fine actors V.K. Ramasamy and A.P. Nagarajan. The story was written by Ramasami while the script was by Nagarajan. The film was directed by K. Somu.
A wealthy man (Ramasami) with a wayward son (Radha) and a daughter (Rajam), who is a nurse, thinks his son would change his ways if he gets married. He arranges a marriage for his son with another wealthy man’s daughter (Janaki), and sends the communication to his son and daughter.
The wedding comes as a surprise to the son who does not intend getting married. However, he informs his sister he will be present at the wedding ceremony. He turns up just in time to tie the ‘mangalasutra’!
The young bride joins her husband with hopes of a happy marriage, but her life turns out to be sheer torture. Meanwhile, the nurse falls in love with a cop (Nazir), and soon the story takes a few turns and twists. Finally, the wayward son reforms, and all live happily.

Directed by K. Somu
Produced by V. K. Ramasamy & A. P. Nagarajan
Screenplay by A. P. Nagarajan
Story by V. K. Ramasamy
Starring M. R. Radha, Sowcar Janaki, Prem Nazir, M. N. Rajam, V. K. Ramasamy
Music by K. V. Mahadevan
Cinematography V. K. Goppanna
Edited by T. Vijayarangam
Production Film Center Newtone — Rathna Studios
Distributed by Sri Lakshmi Pictures
Release date 16 February 1958
Running time 153 minutes
Country India
Language Tamil


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