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Pachchis is a 2021 Indian Telugu-language thriller film directed by debutants Sri Krishna and Rama Sai. Produced jointly by Avasa Chitram, Raasta Films, and Mango Mass Media, the film features Raamz and Swetaa Varma in lead roles. The music of the film is composed by Smaran. It was premiered on Amazon Prime Video on 12 June 2021.
Pachchis opens with the interrogation of a mole/spy, Rakesh, in a gang that belongs to Gangadhar, a politician. The mole/spy reveals that he was investigating Mallikarjun, a member of the gang, before he is killed. Abhiram, a gambling addict, is in debt of a loan shark, R. K. Abhiram makes false promises to get R. K. a contract through his contact with another politician, Basava Raju. Meanwhile, Avantika, the sister of the Rakesh, takes matters into her own hands and starts searching for her brother. It is revealed that Rakesh was not a police officer, but was working for Basava Raju. After R. K. finds out the truth about Abhiram’s schemes, he threatens him to repay the debt within three days. Having nowhere to escape, Abhiram triggers a game of cat and mouse to search for the mole/spy belonging to the police.

Directed by Sri Krishna & Rama Sai
Written by Sri Krishna
Produced by Kaushik Kumar Kathuri & Rama Sai
Starring Raamz, Swetha Varma
Cinematography Kartik Parmar
Edited by Rana Pratap
Music by Smaran Sai
Production Avasa Chitram, Raasta Films & Mango Mass Media
Distributed by Amazon Prime Video
Release date 12 June 2021
Running time 127 minutes
Country India
Language Tamil


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