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Perasariyar Chanakyan is a 2017 Indian Tamil / Malayalam-language action crime thriller film directed by Ajai Vasudev and written by Uday Krishna. It stars Mammootty, Unni Mukundan, Mukesh, Varalaxmi Sarathkumar, Poonam Bajwa, Maqbool Salmaan, Gokul Suresh, Kalabhavan Shajohn, Santhosh Pandit, Anjali Nair, Divya Pillai and Mahima Nambiar. The principal photography began on 17 April 2017 at the Fatima Mata National College, Kollam and was completed by the end of November in Kochi. Deepak Dev composed the Music of the film. Perasariyar Chanakyan was released on 21 December 2017.
Perasariyar Chanakyan is set in Travancore college in Kerala, where two student groups named Real Fighters and Royal Warriors always quarrel over various issues. Simultaneously, a danseuse Vedika is introduced to the college and the groups war over who will win her love. When Vedika says she is in a relation with Unnikrishnan, who is meek and introvert, Real Fighters make Unni a member of the group and asks him to reciprocate to Vedika. But one night, Vedika is murdered and simultaneously Unni is caught by police for drinking and driving, although released later without any charges. As Vedika’s dead body is found behind the men’s hostel of the college, her father Shivanandan who is a politician urges the police to find the killer at any cost. The police under ACP John Thekkan IPS start the investigation. Later it leads to Unnikrishnan who received the last phone call from Vedika before her death. John Thekan arrests Unni forcefully and questions him. Later Unni is found dead inside the police lock up. This leads to a quarrel between the police and students, in which John gets seriously injured and hospitalised. In his absence, the investigation is handed over to ACP Bhavani. At the same time, a new English professor named Edward Livingston joins the college. The ACP orders to arrest Roshan, who is the leader of Royal Warriors. This is because according to an evidence the murderer is observed to be nearly 6 feet tall, and Roshan has a similar physique. This leads to yet another dispute between the police and the campus, and the police is prevented by the home minister from entering the campus. Later, Professor Cherian who is the college vice principal and also the father of Roshan, talks to Edward about his life as a divorcee. He tells Eddy that Roshan is innocent as he was at his mother’s house at the night the murder happened. In a meeting between the police and campus, Eddy talks to the officials that the students are not responsible for the murder and also that the police is responsible for Unnikrishnan’s death. After few days, Vedika’s father sends his goons to the college so that the suspected students can be handed over to police. But Eddy intervenes and fights the goons. He also unites the two students’ groups and fights the baddies together. Later, new men are appointed in the college as security guards, plumbers and electricians. Eddy closely watches the body language of these men and understands that they are police officers. He warns the students not to leave the campus at any cost. Despite his warning, Roshan and his friends go out to attend a wedding reception, wherein they are spotted by the police. John Thekkan who is back in duty apprehends them and gets hold of Roshan, while his friends escape. Roshan is taken to a hideout but Eddy and team tracks it and saves Roshan. Eddy and the students promise to the police and media that they will find out the murderers of Vedika and Unnikrishnan within ten days. He later asks Roshan to reunite his parents who have been separated, which he does. Roshan’s friend Mahesh tells the team that his girlfriend Ramlath is being forced by her family for an alliance which she doesn’t like. He goes to meet Ramlath. But he is arrested by police, and Ramlath is taken to custody by SI Ramachandran, who is John Thekkan’s close friend. Ramlath is forcefully taken to his guest house where Eddy saves her by beating up Ramachandran. Eddy finds out through Ramachandran that it was none other than ACP John Thekkan who murdered Vedika, and later instructed Ramachandran to murder Unnikrishnan. John had a grudge against Vedika as she along with her friend (who is revealed to be Ramlath) discovered John Thekkan’s illegal relationship with Minister Seethalakshmi, who is the wife of a deceased politician Krishnadas. It is revealed that Das was murdered by Thekkan and Ramachandran when he found out his wife’s extramarital relation with Thekkan, who was raised by him.
Ramlath who understood all these informed Vedika about the same, and Vedika who wanted to inform Unni about this was kidnapped and killed by Thekkan and Ramachandran. Unnikrishnan was arrested on purpose and killed as Thekkan understood Unni had known certain facts about Vedika’s death.
After Ramachandran reveals all these to the public, he is shot and killed by Thekkan who tries to escape. But Eddy overpowers and kills Thekkan with his gun, after a long fight.
In the end, Edward Livingston is himself revealed to be a police officer named Anto Antony, and also that the police officers disguised as workers in the college, were actually his teammates.

Directed by Ajai Vasudev
Produced by C. H. Muhammed
Written by Uday Krishna
Starring Mammootty, Unni Mukundan, Mukesh, Varalaxmi Sarathkumar, Mahima Nambiar, Poonam Bajwa, Gokul Suresh, Maqbool Salmaan
Music by Deepak Dev
Cinematography Vinod Illampally
Edited by Johnkutty
Production Royal Cinemas
Distributed by U. K. Studios
Release date 21 December 2017
Country India
Language Tamil / Malayalam


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