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Saamy² is a 2018 Tamil language action thriller film written and directed by Hari and produced by Shibu Thameens. It stars Vikram in dual roles as a father and son, Aishwarya Rajesh and Keerthy Suresh as the female leads alongside Prabhu, Bobby Simha, and Soori in supporting roles. The film is a sequel to the 2003 film Saamy. The film was released on 21 September 2018 along with its Telugu dubbed version titled Saamy.
Saamy² begins a year after the events which occurred in the prequel Saamy.
DCP Aarusaamy “Saamy” (Vikram), who had been transferred out of Tirunelveli, leads a happy life with his now-pregnant wife Bhuvana (Aishwarya Rajesh), who intends to pursue IAS. However, the people who were asking what happened to Perumal Pichai (Kota Srinivasa Rao) assume that he might be in Colombo, Sri Lanka with his second wife and three sons: Mahendra Pichai (O. A. K. Sundar), Devendra Pichai (John Vijay), and Raavana Pichai (Bobby Simha). Raavana leaves for Tirunelveli and finds out that Saamy killed his father. Saamy applies for a transfer to Tirunelveli to stop Raavana, which is approved.
Saamy² then shifts to 28 years later, where Ramsaamy “Ram” (Vikram) lives in New Delhi, working as a front office manager for Union Minister G. Viswanathan (Prabhu). He intends to pursue IAS as per the wishes of his grandparents (Delhi Ganesh and Sumitra), who have raised him in a Brahmincal and nonviolent manner so he does not end up as a police officer like his father. One day, Ram meets Viswanathan’s daughter Diya (Keerthy Suresh), who has returned from London after completing her studies. Later, when Raavana kidnaps Diya, Ram rescues her, and she falls in love with him. After some time, he reciprocates her love.
Ram passes the UPSC exam and leaves for Mussoorie for one-year training. After his return, his grandparents are shocked to see that he has decided to pursue IPS and that he has been posted in Tirunelveli. When Ram asks the reason for their reaction, his grandfather explains what happened 28 years ago. When Saamy and Bhuvana were on their way to Tirunelveli, they were hacked to death by the Pichai brothers. Before dying, Saamy manages to open his dead wife’s uterus and prematurely deliver his child (Ram). Bhuvana’s parents take Ram and shift to Delhi, while the rest of their family is killed by a truck accident planned by Raavana.
Ram’s grandparents accept his decision, and he leaves for Tiruneveli and decides to take on the Pichai brothers. He razes Perumal’s statue, which had been illegally placed at an intersection by Raavana and caused a lot of traffic problems. A cat-and-mouse game begins between Ram and Raavana, with both of them trying to get rid of each other. Ram kills Devendra and Mahendra but hides the evidence from everyone except Raavana. In retribution, Raavana and his henchmen orchestrate a train accident which kills Viswanathan.
Ram finds out that Raavana is planning to go to Pakistan via Gujarat and Rajasthan, so he tracks him down. After a bitter fight, Ram subdues Raavana but decides to leave him to his fate in the middle of the Thar Desert with no man, town, village, or water source for several hundreds of kilometres. There is a record of going to Sri Lanka but there is no record of coming back to India. Ram lies to the media that Raavana had left to Sri Lanka due to fear of being killed. Raavana dies after 17 days. Soon, Ram and Diya get married.

Directed by Hari
Produced by Shibu Thameens
Written by Hari
Starring Vikram, Prabhu, Bobby Simha, Keerthy Suresh, Aishwarya Rajesh, Soori
Music by Devi Sri Prasad
Cinematography Priyan & Venkatesh Anguraj
Edited by V. T. Vijayan & T. S. Jay
Production Thameens Films
Release date September 21, 2018
Running time 156 Minutes
Country India
Language Tamil


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