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Sadhuram 2 (English: The Square) is a 2016 Indian Tamil thriller drama film written and directed by Sumanth Radhakrishnan. The film stars Roheit Nair, Yog Japee, Riaz, Brihadish Kaushik in lead roles while Suja Varunee and Sanam Shetty played the two female supporting roles. Grey Matter Studios and Knockout Entertainment bankrolled the venture and Paranjothi Productions released it. The film was popularised as being the first philanthropical thriller in India, along the lines of the SAW series. The film, which commenced filming in end of 2014, was released on 16 September 2016. Upon release, the film opened to good critical acclaim and an average box office collection.
Vishal (Riaz) and Dr.Vasudevan (Yog Japee) wake up one day to find out that they both are stuck inside a square room devoid of any furniture. The only other element in the room apart from the two of them is the dead body of a man lying in the middle of the room, blood soaked. Vishal and Dr.Vasudevan do not know each other. Soon, Vishal realises that there is a tape recorder near him, he finds a cassette in his pocket, which he plays.
The cassette welcomes him to the SQUARE and tells him that his only way of escaping is by finding a clue that only the guy opposite him can see. Soon, Dr.Vasudevan plays the cassette from his pocket and the recording again welcomes him to the SQUARE and tells him that he has been doing a lot of good by saving lives as a Doctor and yet he has committed a grave mistake which he is now getting punished for. He is told that there is only 8 hours remaining for him to escape and his escape would only be by killing the one opposite him.
Vishal, unwilling to cooperate with Dr.Vasudevan cries, screams asking the kidnapper to let him go. Finally coming to terms with their capture, encouraged to think objectively by Dr.Vasudevan, Vishal gives in. They both start working together to find out ways to escape by charting the clues the kidnapper gives.
Meanwhile, on another plane, Siva, working in a multi-national company is told that he has been selected as the “Employee of the Decade” and will have to collect his coveted award from their Delhi Headquarters. He comes home to a good news that his wife – Dhivya (Suja Varunee), who is pregnant has conceived twin babies. Overly rejoiced, the couple celebrate their good luck.
As Dr.Vasudevan and Vishal discuss, recall and think, we uncover their personal lives. Dr.Vasudevan a reputed Doctor from a Government Medical Centre is married and has a teenage daughter. But he has an ongoing relationship with one of his trainee students – Dr.Preethi (Sanam Shetty) While he is honest for the most part of his professional life, he is threatened by another trainee student Dr. Shankar (Brihadish Kaushik) to re-write a Postmortem report of a rape victim in favour of the accused (an MP’s son). He is threatened with photos of him with Dr. Preethi. Scared, Dr. Vasudevan sells out.
Vishal on the other hand is a photographer who takes pictures of people in their intimate moments, mostly done on request by certain clients. One such assignment he was given by Dr. Shankar, to follow and take pictures of Dr.Vasudevan along with Dr.Preethi. Dr. Vasudevan gets shocked knowing Vishal already knows him and is partly the reason why he is in the SQUARE.
Meanwhile, Siva and his wife Dhivya prepare to leave to Delhi to receive his award and their flight meets with a tragic accident.
Back in the square, Dr.Vasudevan tells Vishal that a few months earlier a Lawyer was killed brutally in a similar fashion of the dead man in the middle of the room. He says he was suspected of that murder as he was the Lawyer who had demanded he change the Postmortem report. Although his innocence was proved, one CBCID Police officer Aadhi (Birla Bose) stills suspected Dr.Vasudevan.
Upon getting a certain lead, long after the case got over, Aadhi goes in search of the killer (then deemed Serial killer) sure that it was Dr.Vasudevan. The killer escapes from his clutches, in the process gravely injuring him, puncturing his vocal cord. Long after, Aadhi still tries to pin the whole case on Dr.Vasudevan hoping to catch him at his weakest.
Vishal and Dr.Vasudevan get suspicious that their kidnapper might be Dr.Shankar. Dr.Vasudevan comes to know that his wife and daughter have been kidnapped by him too, as a security measure in case Dr.Vasudevan tries to escape. Heart-broken and with no way out Dr.Vasudevan starts realising the value of his family. The love they have for him and the love he has for them.
We go back in time to see that Dhivya finds out that Siva is terminally ill and he has been undergoing treatment without telling her a word about it. She breaks down and cries. Siva tells her that not everyone gets the best in life. He asks her to appreciate what they’ve got in life.
CBCID Aadhi goes to Dr.Vasudevan’s office suspecting something. Inside, Dr.Shankar holds Dr.Vasudevan’s wife and daughter captive. They try to escape and hearing gunshot, Aadhi arrives at the spot. Shankar escapes from him and heads elsewhere.
Dr.Vasudevan, unable to wait for rescue any longer and losing patience decides to break free by cutting his leg free from the chain. Vishal tries to stop him. Dr. Vasudevan shoots Vishal like the kidnapper commanded earlier and breaks away to leave the square. Vishal regains consciousness and realises the Doctor had carefully shot him on his shoulder so as not to mortally injure him. He tries to escape when the dead body in his midst wakes up. It is Siva and he is the mastermind behind the whole square.
Siva who upon recovering from his flight accident, finds out about the girl’s rape and how the lawyer, Dr.Shankar and Dr.Vasudevan played their part in defending the convict. He realises that Vishal was instrumental in instigating this and spoiling several other lives by clicking pictures of their intimate moments. He decides to destroy all their lives. He kills the lawyer first, pushes Dr.Shankar to kidnap Vishal and Dr.Vasudevan and thereafter Dr.Vasudevan’s wife and kid. Dr. Shankar and Aadhi have a tough fight at the end of which Dr.Shankar kills Aadhi. He comes to the square to finish the two of them. But Vishal kills him in the process.
In the end, Siva wakes up from his act, tells Vishal that all he had to do was cooperate and work with Dr.Vasudevan to find his escape route which is written right on his back. Siva tells him that he has lost and he deserves to rot in the square. Siva leaves the square promising to return with others who don’t appreciate their lives.

Directed by Sumanth Radhakrishnan
Written by Sumanth Radhakrishnan
Starring Roheit Nair, Yog Japee, Riaz, Sanam Shetty, Suja Varunee
Music by Girish Gopalakrishnan
Cinematography Sathish G
Edited by SP Raja Sethupathi
Production Knockout Entertainment, Grey Matter Studios & Paranjothi Productions
Distributed by Knockout Entertainment, Grey Matter Studios & Paranjothi Productions
Release date 16 September 2016
Running time 94 minutes
Country India
Language Tamil


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