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Sandakozhi 2 (Eng: Battle Rooster 2) is a 2018 Indian Tamil action drama film written and directed by N. Linguswamy. A sequel to the successful Sandakozhi (2005), the film features Vishal (in his 25th film) and Rajkiran reprising their roles from the first film, alongside Keerthy Suresh and Varalaxmi Sarathkumar in the lead roles. The film began production during September 2017 and was released on 18 October 2018.
The film begins thirteen years later after the events which occurred in the prequel Sandakozhi.
Villagers of 8 village circle plan to conduct their annual grand temple festival after 8 years. Durai Ayya (Rajkiran) ensures that the festival goes on smoothly, as there could be trouble from Pechankarasi alias Pechi (Varalaxmi Sarathkumar) and her brothers. Pechi’s family is a distant relative of Durai, and the chieftain family of one the 8 villages. A small flashback 8 years ago in the previous Grand festival, is shown where Pechi’s husband (Kabali Vishwanth) and his friends mistake a unfortunate accident as an insult by another village person of lower caste and later kills him. Instead that villagers kill Pechi’s husband on the same day before Pechi. She wants to hunt down the entire clan of the murderer as revenge. Everyone is killed except for Anbu (Hari Krishnan), who is saved by Durai. Pechi waits for an opportunity to kill Anbu. The flashback ends there.
Balu (Vishal) returns from abroad after seven years to his hometown and understands the situation in his village. Pechi sets stage to kill Anbu during the temple festival, and he is saved by Balu. Meanwhile, there is Sembaruthi (Keerthy Suresh), whose activities remind Balu of his ex-lover Hema (Meera Jasmine), who died unfortunately before marraige. Despite regretting it, Balu falls for Sembaruthi, for which she reciprocates. Durai agrees to this match, but conveys it to Sembaruthi directly.
One day, Pechi’s men try to attack Anbu, but Durai accidentally gets stabbed in his neck. Balu rushes and saves Durai, who receives treatment in his home. Durai requests Balu to not inform the incident to villagers, as this would result in fights and would eventually spoil the temple festival. Balu promises his father that he would save Anbu as well as ensure that the festival would go on smoothly.
Finally, Pechi and Balu meet in an open ground, where Pechi beats up Balu. Balu does not want to hurt Pechi and asks her to leave Anbu, for which she does not agree. When Pechi was about to kill Anbu with a sickle, her chain gets stuck in a trishul, and she accidentally loses control. Her sickle moves towards her son, but Balu holds the sickle and saves him. Pechi realizes her mistake and decides to spare Anbu.

Directed by N Lingusamy
Produced by Vishal, Dhaval Jayantilal Gada & Akshay Jayantilal Gada
Written by Brinda Sarathy & S. Ramakrishnan (Dialogues)
Starring Vishal, Keerthy Suresh, Varalaxmi Sarathkumar, Rajkiran
Music by Yuvan Shankar Raja
Cinematography K. A. Sakthivel
Edited by Praveen K. L.
Production Vishal Film Factory & Pen Studios
Distributed by Lyca Productions & Screen Scene
Release date 18 October 2018
Running time 160 minutes
Country India
Language Tamil


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