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Seven is a 2019 Indian bilingual thriller film made in Telugu and Tamil languages. It was directed and filmed by Nizar Shafi, produced by Ramesh Varma. Seven stars Havish in the lead role, and Rahman playing the role of a police officer with Nandita Swetha and Regina Cassandra portraying the leading female characters.
While investigating an enigmatic man named Karthik, a police officer is bewildered by the conflicting statements about his identity. Three young women seem to share a mysterious connection with him and claims Karthik as their husband who has gone missing few days/months before. An old man from asylum claims that he knew Karthik as Krishnamurthy, who had died thirty years ago. The next day the old man found killed allegedly. After the old man’s death another woman appear in the screen and claim Karthik is her husband and he is missing since yesterday. The police officers are in shock with her claim because they have arrested Karthik two days before as the suspect of the old man’s murder. In the next scene the woman is brought to Karthik who is jail by the police officers. When she saw Karthik, both smiled to each other and suddenly the woman took off a gun and shots him. The police officer stopped her act and ask her intention for shot Karthik. She revealed her love story with Karthik and how they get married without her parents approval. After her marriage they caught quarrel once and Karthik left her, after few months she read a news about Karthik and the affair he had with other three women (who claimed Karthik as their husband in the first half of the story). She was shocked with the news and assumed that Karthik is a playboy who had spoiled 4 women life (including her) so, she think that he is not eligible to live. The climax unravels the real story behind this façade of lies and deception.

Directed by Nizar Shafi
Produced by MS Sharavanan (Tamil version)
Written by Nizar Shafi & Ramesh Varma
Starring Havish, Rahman, Nandita Swetha, Regina Cassandra, Pujita Ponnada, Tridha Choudhury, Anisha Ambrose, Aditi Arya
Music by Chaityan Bharadwaj
Cinematography Nizar Shafi
Edited by Praveen K. L.
Production Sri Green Productions
Distributed by Abhishek Pictures
Release date 5 June 2019
Running time 117 minutes
Country India
Language Telugu / Tamil


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