sillunu oru sandhippu
sillunu oru sandhippu tamil movie

Sillunu Oru Sandhippu (Eng:A Very Cool Meeting) is a 2013 Tamil Romance film written and directed by Ravi Lallin in his directorial debut venture. The film stars Vimal, Oviya and Dipa Shah in the lead roles. The film was earlier titled as Sillu Sillunu Oru Sandhippu, which was later changed to Sillunu Oru Sandhippu.
Debutant director Ravi Lallin starts off with an interesting premise – sometimes people grow out of relationships with the passage of time – but it is in the execution that he falters. By deviating from the love triangle and wasting a lot of footage on unnecessary scenes in a bid to evoke laughter, he only ends up alienating the audience.
Vemal and Oviya had a very successful outing in ‘Kalavani’, but the director is unable to recreate the chemistry that they shared in the 2010 film, which was the debut effort of director Sargunam. One reason for this could be that it is difficult to imagine Vemal as a school student, even though one readily indulges in a willing suspension of disbelief. Also, the actor is visibly uncomfortable portraying modern, city-based roles as was evident in his 2012 offering ‘Ishtam’. It would be good if the actor does some homework on his character and body language before accepting such roles that require him to move out of his comfort zone. Oviya does an okay job in her extended cameo, but Deepa Shah (who debuted in the role of a cop in Mysskin’s 2011 crime thriller ‘Yudham Sei’) ends up the victim of a poorly-written role that does not offer her much scope for performance. Manobala’s attempts at humour end up irritating the audience rather than amusing it.

Directed by Ravi Lallin
Produced by S Nandhagopal
Written by Ravi Lallin
Starring Vimal, Oviya, Dipa Shah
Music by F. S. Faizal
Cinematography Rajesh Yadav
Production Madras Enterprises
Release date 14 February 2013
Country India
Language Tamil


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