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vaanam kottattum tamil movie

Vaanam Kottattum (Eng: Let it rain) is a 2020 Indian Tamil language film directed by Dhana Sekaran, who co-wrote the film with Mani Ratnam. The film stars R. Sarathkumar, Raadhika Sarathkumar, Vikram Prabhu and Aishwarya Rajesh in the lead roles, with Shanthanu Bhagyaraj and Madonna Sebastian portraying supporting roles. The film is produced by Mani Ratnam for Madras Talkies, with the latter also credited for co-writing the film’s script. The film released on 7 February 2020.
Selva in his young age sees his paternal uncle being stabbed by someone. His family is on their way to Temple worship. Selva brings his father Bose Kaalai and they all take him to admit in hospital. Bose Kaalai is infuriated that his enemies did this to prevent his elder brother to contest in elections. He goes to their home and kills two people who were the reason behind his brother’s condition. The murder is witnessed by the young Baskaran, son of one of the killed by Bose Kaalai. Chandra is shocked on hearing her husband killed two people. Bose is arrested but he hopes that he can clear the charge and come out. His opponents win the elections out of sympathy votes and Bose Kaalai is jailed for 16 years. Chandra is disappointed by her husband’s irresponsible behaviour and wishes that her son should not become like his father. She leaves her in-laws’ family and moves to Chennai with her son Selva and daughter Mangai.
Chandra struggles a lot with adolescent Selva who is so adamant and thug attitude. Bose’s elder brother supports his brother’s family. Selva and Mangai are now adults but Selva’s attitude has not changed. Selva takes up a job as a call taxi driver and Mangai is a law college student. She shares a good friendship with her friend Ramanathan. Selva drives a couple in his taxi and sees them fighting over the breakup of the couple. The girl threatens her lover to marry her or she will commit suicide jumping from the bridge into the lake. The scared lover tries to stop her but the girl pushes him to the lake. Selva pushes the girl into the lake to save the boy but finds both do not know swimming. He also jumps and saves them. Selva introduces himself to the girl names Preetha and her father in the hospital.
Selva’s uncle asks him to accompany him to a wholesale plantain market to settle accounts with one of the buyers. The buyer tries to cheat Selva’s uncle but Selva somehow gets the due money back. He sees potential in wholesale Plantain sales and he starts a new business of plantain wholesale. They approach the family of the victim killed by Bose Kaalai to supply plantain to which they agree reluctantly. Selva meets Preetha’s father and understands that Preetha’s family is heavily indebted. Selva and Mangai approach a big head Reddy in plantain wholesale for the supply of Andhra plantains. Reddy is impressed by Selva’s confident approach and agrees to do business with him provided that he secures a shop in the Koyambedu market, a tedious job due to heavy competition involved from different political parties. Mangai somehow intelligently accomplishes the task by requesting the sanctioning authority. They win a place in the Koyembedu market. Mangai befriends Reddy’s son.
Bose Kaalai is released from prison after 16 years. Selva and Mangai feel bad about their father as he was in jail and this will affect the respect in the neighbourhood. Chandra gets angry about her children’s attitude and supports her husband. Bose interferes in the business of Selva without his consent which irritates Selva. The plantain supplier, who belongs to the family of the person killed by Bose, refuses to continue the business with Selva as Bose returned from prison. Hence the supply for plantains stop. Bose disappears from home for three days with Chandra’s jewels. Mangai and Selva think that he ran away with jewels but Bose returns bringing a truck of Golden fruits plantain variety procured from Bangalore. Selva is irked by the Golden Fruits and supplies all free of cost as they may rot at any time. He gets angry that Bose wasted the money. This ensues fight between Bose and Selva and Bose leaves home angrily.
Bose insults Preetha that she flirted with his son and made him give Bank guarantee for two crores. He misunderstands the relation between Mangai and Reddy’s son and warns him to stay away from his daughter. This angers Selva and Mangai but they keep quiet for their mother. Selva finds that the variety of the Golden fruit is in much demand and is delighted about the orders he gets. Reddy comes to Selva’s home to ask Mangai’s hand for marriage with his son. But Mangai declares that he misunderstood the relationship with his son and he loves her childhood friend Ramanathan. Reddy happily agrees to it and blesses her.
Baskaran is following Bose the moment he got released from jail. His twin brother warns him to stay away from Bose’s family as killing him is not a solution rather his future will get spoiled. Baskaran accidents Bose’s bike and Bose is injured and hospitalized. Selva sees Baskaran running away from the hospital and chase him but in vain. Bose is heartbroken that his children do not accept him in their life and he leaves to his brother’s house. He finds the victim’s family went to Chennai in search of him. Scared that they might harm his family, Bose rushes to Chennai.
Baskaran tricks Selva posing as Natrayan and pretends to warn that he has come to save his family from Baskaran. Selva gets kidnapped by Baskaran. Bose arrives on time and rescues Selva. He tells Baskaran that jail is hell and not to waste his life by killing him. If he still wants to take revenge, he can go ahead. Baskaran changes his mind.
The film ends with a happy ending where Bose and Chandra celebrating his 60th birthday in their hometown with reconciled Selva, Mangai, and the entire family.

Directed by Dhana Sekaran
Produced by Mani Ratnam
Written by Dhana Sekaran & Mani Ratnam
Story by Mani Ratnam
Starring R. Sarathkumar, Raadhika Sarathkumar, Vikram Prabhu, Aishwarya Rajesh, Shanthanu Bhagyaraj, Madonna Sebastian, Nandha
Music by Songs: Sid Sriram Score: Sid Sriram & K
Cinematography Preetha Jayaraman
Edited by Sangathamizhan E.
Production Madras Talkies
Distributed by YNOTX
Release date 7 February 2020
Country India
Language Tamil


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