vishayam veliye theriya koodathu
vishayam veliye theriya koodathu tamil movie

Vishayam Veliya Theriya Koodathu is all about four friends and villainy money lender who are selfish to become rich and they don’t even divulge their plans between themselves. The story largely takes place in only few locations which evidently prove that the film is small budget venture. Director Ragaventira’s idea of making a quirky film is laudable but somewhere down the line he has missed the pace and tempo that the film is certainly not engaging for an entertainer. For a small budget film, the cinematography and editing is adequate but definitely not in par with new age movies. The film’s lynchpin is Senrayan who gives a comic relief with his trademark expressions and dialogue delivery. Hero Aryan has done a good job while Amitha is adequate for a newcomer. The rest of the cast is not up to the mark and may be a better casting would have done the trick.


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