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aakasha ganga 2 tamil movie

Aakasha Ganga 2 is 2019 Indian Malayalam-language horror thriller film written and directed by Vinayan. It is a sequel to his 1999 film Aakasha Ganga. The film stars Ramya Krishna, Veena Nair, Vishnu Vinay and Sreenath Bhasi in the lead roles. The film’s soundtrack and score by Bijibal and cinematographer by Prakash Kutty. Aakasha Ganga 2 was produced by Vinayan under the banner of Akash Films. It was shot in Ottapalam, Cochin and Pondicherry.
Twenty years after the incident at the Maanikaseri Kovilakam, several members of the family have now died, leaving behind Unnikrishnan Varma/Unni, his sister (Oppol) and his only daughter Arathi Varma. An atheist and rationalist, Arathi is a medical student who hangs around with her close friends Jithu, Titus and Gopi, who is also her lover. One day, the friends come across an ashram that is headed by one Soumini Devi, a tantrik ritualist who specialises in dark spells and black magic. Arathi decides to test the authenticity of the claims of the ashram, so she is allowed to make contact with the soul of her deceased mother, Maya/Daisy, who died after childbirth. The soul further tells her about a bracelet that she intended to give her newborn daughter, made by her great grandmother, after Arathi would be born. Out of curiosity, Arathi searches of the bracelet, which leads to a forbidden temple that contained the evil soul of Ganga, the maid who was killed mercilessly by the male members of the Maanikaseri family decades ago. Arathi accidentally releases the soul, leading to several paranormal incidents in the house. Out of fear, the four friends decide to meet Meppadan Thirumeni, the exorcist who subdued the evil spirit previously, at his house but find out that he has died too. Eventually they contact Soumini Devi, the estranged daughter of Meppadan, about the strange problems. Soumini Devi tells that it was the spirit of Ganga who was causing the current problems. She also tells them that after the spirit was exorcised from Arathi’s mother’s body, several members of the family died after Arathi’s birth due to this spirit. So Meppadan used his tantric powers to imprison the evil soul, this time inside the family’s temple and told the family members to not open it’s doors. The spirit was now targeting Arathi, intending to kill her on the new moon night of 31st July. Before that time, the spirit must be subdued. However, the spirit causes more trouble and eventually possesses Arathi. After this, Unni gets killed by the soul, thereby avenging for the actions caused by his ancestors leading to Ganga’s death. Soon, an exorcism is arranged by Soumini Devi along with the help of Ananthan Thirumeni, the disciple of Meppadan. They successfully remove the spirit from Arathi’s body before time, with Thirumeni promising her that the spirit would never come near her again. While Arathi and her friends leave home, Soumini Devi is attacked and killed by the spirit. The fate of the spirit as well as the family members affected by it, to this day remains unknown.

Directed by Vinayan
Produced by Vinayan
Written by Vinayan
Starring Veena P Nair, Sreenath Bhasi, Vishnu Vinay, Salim Kumar, Praveena, Senthil Krishna, Hareesh Peradi, Thesni Khan, Kanakalatha, Valsala Menon,
Music by Score: Bijibal Songs: Bijibal & Berny-Ignatious
Cinematography Prakash Kutty
Edited by Abhilash Viswanad
Production Akash Films
Distributed by Akash Films
Release date 1 November 2019
Running time 140 minutes
Country India
Language Tamil


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