gomathiyin kaadhalan
gomathiyin kaadhalan tamil movie

Gomathiyin Kaadhalan is a Tamil language film starring T. R. Ramachandran and K. Savithri. The film was released in 1955. The music was composed by G. Ramanathan. Lyrics by Bharathidasan, K. D. Santhanam, K. P. Kamatchi Sundharam, K. M. Balasubramaniam & Ku. Mu. Annal Thango. Playback singers are Seerkazhi Govindarajan, Thiruchi Loganathan, A. M. Rajah, Jikki, P. A. Periya Nayaki, P. Leela, Radha Jayalakshmi, A. P. Komala & T. V. Rathinam.
Gomathi is the daughter of Mullaivaasal Zamindar and Rajan is the younger son of Sinnaveli Zamindar. There is a long-standing feud between the two Zamin families. Gomathi is interested in arts and she acts in dramas. Rajan, without knowing that she is their family rival’s daughter, falls in love with her after viewing her acting in a drama.
Gomathi’s father sends her and younger son Balu to Madras for studies. They stay in the house of family friend Dharmalingam. Sinnaveli Zamindar’s elder son sends Rajan, also to Madras Dharmalingam’s house to get himself trained as a responsible person. Rajan meets Adukkumozhi Ananthar in the train and becomes acquainted with him. Two thieves, Mani and Pakkiri also travel in the train. While Rajan goes to the door to send off his acquaintance, the thieves take his suitcase and disappear. Rajan, having lost everything, sells his watch and wanders about. He accidentally meets Dharmalingam and becomes Dharmalingam’s driver giving his name as Ramu.
Gomathi and Rajan meet and exchange love. Rajan comes to know that Gomathi is the daughter of Mullaivasal Zamindar. He knows that there is a feud between his and her families. So he hides the fact that he is the younger son of Sinnaveli Zamindar.
Mani finds the diary of Rajan in the suitcase and, along with Pakkiri, goes to Dharmalingam’s house impersonating as Rajan. They find the real Rajan employed there as a driver.
After many twists and turns Rajan’s real identity is revealed and the thieves are caught with the brilliant and timely help of the young boy Balu. The two Zamin families forget their feud. Rajan and Gomathi gets wedded.

Directed by P Neelakantan
Produced by T R Ramachandran
Screenplay by P Neelakantan
Story by Devan
Starring T R Ramachandran, Savithri, K A Thangavelu, K Sarangkapani, D Balasubramaniam, R Balasubramaniam
Music by G. Ramanathan
Distributed by TRR Productions
Release dates 1 September 1955
Country India
Language Tamil


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