isai tamil movie
isai tamil movie

Isai (Eng: Music) is a 2015 Tamil musical psychological thriller movie co-produced, written, directed and composed by S. J. Surya. Isai stars himself in the lead role with debutant Sulagna, while Surya also composes the film’s music score. Isai, which is touted to be of a new genre musical-thriller, went on the floors from 25 May 2012. The audio launch was on 16 November 2014. The film opened with positive reviews from critics and was a commercial success at the box office.
Vetriselvan (Sathyaraj) is an established and an old fashioned music director in the industry. He is loved and respected for his works and is termed as the greatest musician of our times. A. K. Shiva (S. J. Surya) who works as an assistant under Vetriselvan gets an opportunity to compose music for a small time film. When he seeks permission from Vetriselvan to go ahead with his first venture as a music director, Vetriselvan doesn’t oppose the idea as he wouldn’t have imagined even in his wildest dream that one day A. K. Shiva would surpass him in the musical world.
When A. K. Shiva introduces new techniques and pioneers the use of synthesizers, his music gets the attention of all music lovers. Due to the freshness and modernity his music possesses, he gradually becomes the most sought after musician and finally overtakes Vetriselvan. A. K. Shiva becomes the number one musician and also builds his own studio. Meanwhile he falls in love with Jenny (Sulagna Panigrahi) and also marries her.
When it seems everything he touches turns to gold, Vetriselvan displays his true colors. To get his glory back, Vetriselvan does whatever it takes to label A. K. Shiva unfit to compose music. Can A. K. Shiva bounce back despite his new and unwanted status forms the rest of the story?

Directed by S. J. Surya
Produced by S. Subbiah, Victor Raj Pandian & S. J. Surya
Written by S. J. Surya
Starring S. J. Surya, Sathyaraj, Sulagna
Music by S. J. Surya
Cinematography Soundararajan
Edited by K. M. Riyas
Production SS Productions
Distributed by Annai Mary Madha Creations
Release dates 30 January 2015
Running time 190 minutes
Country India
Language Tamil


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