kaadu tamil movie
kaadu tamil movie

Kaadu is a 2014 Indian Tamil movie written and directed by Stalin Ramalingam. Kaadu features Vidharth and Samskruthy Shenoy in the lead roles, and was released in November 2014. Vidharth began work on his portions in January 2014, taking part in a schedule held in Dharmapuri which lasted for a month. The team subsequently completed schedules throughout 2014 and promotional activity began in October 2014.
Velu has its livelihood based on the forest nearby. who sells firewood collects from the forest to the people in the locality. velu believes in nature and conserving it to give the next generation all the resources that we have obtained. Poongodi a school student lives in nearby town and velu loves each other. Karunavelu’s friend aspires to be a forest officer but being poor he is unable to cope up the bribe that is needed by the selectors.
In desperation,he tries to smuggle sandalwood for an agent but get caught. He request velu to take his place so as to not ruin his chance of getting his dream job.The amiable velu agrees not realizing that his friend might not be the man he is posing to be. Velu comes across Nandha a political leader and social reformist in the jail where he is imprisoned.Undernandha’s guidance velu transforms into a different man.here things take a turn in his life. Parallelykaruna tricks D.F.O and becomes forest officer and tries to take over the forest for his personal gains by driving away the people of the forest. In the cross fire between the government and the smugglers the gullible villagers who are exploited by both the parties. Velu got bail and fight against karuna and smugglers to save villagers from migrating to city for survival and forest from smugglers.
Movie ends with a message that if we are not going to take care of our forests and continue to ravage it.Nature would hit us with such power that humankind would not be able to withstand its on slaught.

Directed by Stalin Ramalingam
Produced by Nehru Nagar Nandhu
Written by Stalin Ramalingam
Screenplay by Stalin Ramalingam
Story by Stalin Ramalingam
Starring Vidharth, Samskruthy Shenoy, Samuthirakani
Music by K
Cinematography Mahendran Jayaraju
Edited by Kasi Vishwanathan
Production Chakravarthy Films International
Release dates 21 November 2014
Running time 146 minutes
Country India
Language Tamil


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