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Kaappaan (Eng: Protector) is a 2019 Indian Tamil-language action thriller film written and directed by K. V. Anand and co-written by Pattukkottai Prabakar. Kaappaan is produced by Lyca Productions and stars Suriya, Mohanlal, Arya and Sayyeshaa. Kaappaan revolves around Kathir, an organic farmer and a Special Protection Group (SPG) officer who struggles to protect the Prime Minister from a mysterious man who threatens his life. Kathir also has to deal with agricultural issues cropping in his village and those responsible for it.
Terrorists attempt to assassinate Prime Minister Chandrakanth Varma. The PM security services learn about this and thwart the attempt with National Security Guard (NSG) operations on Varma’s direct orders. Unfortunately a prominent politician is killed as collateral damage. The deceased’s daughter is Anjali, the PM’s secretary. In Thanjavur, Kathir aka Kathiravan, is an organic farmer who also moonlights as a special agent working for the country’s Special Protection Group (SPG). Meanwhile, the captured terrorist reveals another plot to assassinate the PM during his visit to London. The SPG seek Kathir’s help to protect the PM in London and Kathir is able to identify and shoot the suspect. Anjali mistakes Kathir for the assassin and tails him, but he tricks her into getting drunk and shakes her off. Varma then leaves for India only to find that the Indian soldiers in Kashmir were killed by the Pakistani army. Business tycoon and public figure Mahadev meets with Varma and secretly discusses about methods of retaliation.
While celebrating Kathir’s coworker and friend Joseph and his wife Priya’s wedding anniversary, Joseph gets a murder threat and his pet cat is fatally shot. Kathir and Joseph track the mysterious caller but he diverts them with a mini bomb blast and escapes. Meanwhile, Varma leaves to Kashmir to address the public. A mysterious caller tampers with the SPG’s communication system and points to a bomb on the stage where Varma is present. Kathir locates the explosive and throws it away without any casualties. Varma is moved to his convoy but the caller uses this scuffle to diffuse yet another bomb planted in Varma’s car, killing him instantly.
As an aftermath of Varma’s untimely demise, there is power struggle for the successor to the PM’s position. Varma’s advisor chooses Varma’s son, Abhishek Chandrakanth Varma (Arya) to be the next PM to avoid a political split. Kathir returns to the crime scene and finds an abandoned house in the vicinity, which is revealed to be the place where the killer had been. Joseph and the forensic team find evidence and match it to Ranjith, a disgraced double agent in the SPG and also their friend. Ranjith is now out for revenge on Varma and the SPG because of his prior arrest resulting in his family’s suicide.
Meanwhile, the farmers are rioting against the construction of mines in Thanjavur, since it is destroying their agriculture. Abhishek plans to shut down the mines but is resisted by Mahadev who owns them and the two get into a political cold war. Despite security warnings, Abhishek takes Anjali out on her birthday and a murder attempt is made on him and Anjali injures her arm. Kathir and Joseph save Abhishek but while escaping, Joseph is mortally wounded. During the post-mortem, Kathir finds that one of his officers, Prem, has tried to tamper with the evidence. Prem reveals he is a double agent as well and is in cahoots with Ranjith and he was the one who killed Joseph while he was rescuing Abhishek.
Meanwhile, the fields in Thanjavur are suddenly infested with male caelifera locusts. It is orchestrated by Mahadev, since the farmers didn’t give up their land for his mining company. Mahadev also happens to be the brain behind Varma’s assassination and Ranjith and Prem are merely his puppets. Abhishek and Mahadev discuss about this ongoing feud and make a deal that in the immediate press conference, Mahadev will agree to shutting down his mines in Thanjavur. Mahadev seemingly agrees, but secretly plans to release both male and female caelifera, which will ensure the destruction of the crops without any chances of revival and his mining company can be established without further problems. Kathir figures this out and destroys the train in which the locusts are being transported. At the press conference, Ranjith gains entry to the control room and plans to kill Abhishek on Mahadev’s orders. Kathir beats up Ranjith who reveals that the bomb is with Anjali. She is called to the control room, they find that the cast on her broken arm contains the bomb. Anjali’s cast is removed and the bomb is disposed. Furthermore, Ranjith also says that Kathir’s jacket has a bomb and removing it will cause it to detonate. With Kathir frozen on the spot, Ranjith and Mahadev escape and enter the latter’s car and detonate the bomb. But we find that Kathir had found the bomb in his jacket earlier and placed it in Mahadev’s car. Mahadev and Ranjith are killed, thus ending their reign of terror.

Directed by K. V. Anand
Produced by Allirajah Subaskaran
Written by Pattukkottai Prabakar & R. M. Muthu Ganesan (Dialogues)
Screenplay by K. V. Anand & Pattukkottai Prabakar
Story by K. V. Anand & Pattukkottai Prabakar
Starring Suriya, Mohanlal, Arya
Music by Harris Jayaraj
Cinematography M. S. Prabhu & Abinandhan Ramanujam
Edited by Anthony
Production Lyca Productions
Release date 20 September 2019
Running time 163 minutes
Country India
Language Tamil


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Kaappaan Kaappaan Kaappaan Kaappaan Kaappaan

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