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Maheswari is a 1955 Indian Tamil language film produced by Modern Theatres and directed by T. R. Raghunath. The film features Gemini Ganesan and Savithri in the lead roles.
Manickam is wanted by the army of East India Company. He is absconding and takes refuge in the house of Maheswari. Manickam and she fall in love with each other. Manickam’s father Dharmalingam demands a large dowry from her mother, Kanthimathi, who somehow manages to give the amount. However, Dharmalingam comes to know that Kanthimathi is ridiculed by the villagers as a woman of loose moral character. So, he sends back Maheswari to her home. Manickam is helpless because he depends on his father for everything. Kanthimathi commits suicide. She starts looking for a means to earn a living and she comes across Mayathevan, the leader of a gang of robbers who is wanted by the East India Company. She is employed by him as chief assistant. Mayathevan renames Maheswari as Rani Rangamma. Though she lives comfortably like a queen, her heart yearns for Manickam. In the meantime, at the insistence of his father, Manickam has married another woman. What happens to Rani Rangamma forms the rest of the story.

Directed by T. R. Raghunath
Produced by T. R. Sundaram
Written by T. R. Raghunath
Screenplay by C. V. Sridhar
Starring Gemini Ganesan, Savithri, K. A. Thangavelu, M. N. Rajam
Music by G. Ramanathan
Production Modern Theatres
Release date November 13, 1955
Running time 15954 ft.
Country India
Language Tamil


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