padikkadha medhai tamil movie
padikkadha medhai tamil movie

Padikkadha Medhai (Eng: Uneducated Genius) is a Tamil language movie starring Sivaji Ganesan and Sowcar Janaki in the lead roles. The film, directed by A. Bhimsingh, had musical score by K. V. Mahadevan and was released on 25 June 1960. The film was remade in Telugu as Aathmabandhuvu and in Kannada as Baala Bandana.
Chandrasekaran, an industrialist, is very successful in his business and has a loving family. His three sons and two daughters live happily as one family. He brings up an orphan, Rangan (Sivaji Ganesan), who is utterly devoted to the family. Calamity strikes the family in the form of loss in business. The last daughter’s marriage gets cancelled. The brothers and their wives ill-treat their parents and Rangan and his wife. Seeing this Chandrasekaran has no choice to ask Rangan and his wife leave their house. Aftermath Chandrasekaran dies a broken-hearted man leaving his wife and youngest daughter to be in their children’s merciless hospitality. Rangan, with his simplicity and pure-hardheartedness, takes it upon himself to look after the mother and sister. In the end, he proves that love and affection is the greatest wealth.

Directed by A. Bhimsingh
Produced by Bala Movies
Written by K. S. Gopalakrishnan
Screenplay by A. Bhimsingh
Story by Asha Poorna Devi
Starring Sivaji Ganesan, Sowcar Janaki, S. V. Ranga Rao, P. Kannamba, T. R. Ramachandran, R. Muthuraman, S. A. Asokan, E. V. Saroja
Music by K. V. Mahadevan
Cinematography G. Vittal Rao
Edited by A. Bhimsingh
Production Bala Movies
Distributed by Bala Movies
Release dates 25 June 1960
Running time 164 mins
Country India
Language Tamil


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