palakkattu madhavan tamil movie
palakkattu madhavan tamil movie

Palakkattu Madhavan (aka Palakkad Madhavan) is a Tamil drama/slapstick comedy movie written and directed by M Chandramohan and produced by Kuruvanna Basheer. The film stars Vivek and Sonia Agarwal in the lead roles, while Sheela essays a supporting role.
Veteran comedy actor Vivek has once again tries his luck as a hero with Palakkattu Madhavan. Unlike Vivek’s previous heroic venture Naan Thaan Bala, this movie sticks to comedy genre and manages to engage us only because of the actor’s screen presence.
Madhavan(Vivek) earns lesser than his wife Lakshmi(Sonia Aggarwal) which makes him feel inferior. Moreover, both of them work in the same company and Madhavan hates the pestering manager (Manobala) as well.
At one point of time, Madhavan resigns his job and tries his try his hand at various professions to ensure that he earns more money than his wife but nothing works out. Finally he adopts an old woman (Sheela) as his mother because it would will give him the needed monthly salary which is higher than his wife’s earning. But this strange adoption leads to a big tremor in his family!.

Directed by M Chandramohan
Produced by Kuruvanna Basheer
Written by M Chandramohan
Starring Vivek, Sonia Agarwal, Sheela
Music by Srikanth Deva
Cinematography KS Selvaraj
Edited by K. Rajagopal
Production ABC Dreams
Distributed by SSS Entertainment
Release dates 3 July 2015 (India)
Country India
Language Tamil


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