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Pandigai (Eng: Festival) is a Tamil action thriller film directed by debutant Feroz and produced by his wife Vijayalakshmi, starring Kreshna and Anandhi in the leading roles.
Velu is a waiter at a holiday resort in Chennai. He just wants to make enough money to pay for his working permit to work abroad. However, he has had a traumatic childhood. After the death of his parents, his uncle and aunt sent him to boarding school where he is initially bullied. In order to survive in the new, harsh environment, he learns to fight to protect himself. As a young adult, he moves to the city to start a new life. As poor, single young men, Velu and his roommate, Tirupathi face lots of hardship in the city. They eventually meet Muni, an agent for an underground fight club. After seeing Velu win a fight at a bar, Muni introduces him to the ruthless owner of the fight club, Natwar Dada. Velu slowly rises up the ranks and becomes one of the city’s best underground fighters. Velu then meets a girl, Kavya and plans to stop fighting in order to be with her. But first, he needs to make enough money to escape his current life. Muni also needs money to get his house back. Together, they hatch a plan to rig Velu’s next fight with Victor, the city’s top underground fighter. However, things don’t quite turn out as planned…

Directed by Feroz
Produced by Vijayalakshmi Ahathian
Written by Feroz
Starring Krishna, Anandhi
Music by R. H. Vikram
Cinematography Aravind
Edited by Prabaahar
Production Tea Time Talks Production
Distributed by Auraa Cinemas
Release date 14 July 2017
Running time 150 minutes
Country India
Language Tamil


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