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podhu nalan karudhi tamil movie

Podhu Nalan Karudhi (Eng: Considering the interest of public) is a 2019 Tamil action film written and directed by Zion and produced by AVE Anbuvelrajan. The film features Santhosh Prathap, Adith Arun and Karunakaran in the leading roles. The music was composed by A. Hariganesh with cinematography by Suwaminathan. The film released on 7 February 2019.
Podhu Nalan Karudhi deals with the power struggle between various loan sharks in Chennai city – their greed, strategies and vengeance take the plot forward. It has a bevy of characters, out of which Yog Japee, Karunakaran and Santhosh Pratap have sufficient scope to perform, despite their slightly underwritten roles. Yog Japee as the city’s most crooked financier, Karunakaran as a middle-class man who is in search of his missing brother and Santhosh, a dreaded goon who is ready to sacrifice his life for his employer, stand out in the movie which fail to engage the viewers.
The film has a not-so-bad plot and some intriguing characters (half-baked, though) which have grey shade, but one loses interest in the flow of events as the story progresses. The female leads, essayed by Subiksha and Anu Sitara, have nothing much to do except for being the love interest of their respective boyfriends. Adith Arun shows promise in some scenes and Imman Annachi makes appearance in a few scenes.
The raw portrayal of money lending in the city by Zion was a good attempt, but the execution, which involves some over-the-top sequences made the premise insipid. A few thrilling moments and more appealing characterisations would have made it a better watch.

Directed by Zion
Produced by AVR Anbuvelrajan
Written by Zion
Starring Santhosh Prathap, Adith Arun, Karunakaran
Music by A. Hariganesh
Cinematography Suwaminathan
Edited by Greyson A.C.A
Distributed by PT Selvakumar
Release date 7 February 2019
Country India
Language Tamil


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