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Puriyatha Puthir (Eng: Mystifying Puzzle) is a 2017 Indian Tamil-language psychological thriller film directed by Ranjit Jeyakodi and produced under Rebel Studio Productions. Vijay Sethupathi and Gayathrie feature in the leading roles, Puriyatha Puthir’s music is composed by Sam C. S. and cinematography is handled by Dinesh Krishnan. Puriyatha Puthir which began production in 2013, but went through production delays and was only released on 1 September 2017.
A woman stands in the terrace calling someone from her mobile and telling sorry and then commits suicide by jumping.
Few months later, three men; Kathir, who is an aspiring music director and his friends, Vinod and DJ are in a pub. Vinod and DJ are so desperate about hot videos of women, while Kathir preaches them not to do so, which falls on deaf ears. On the way to his music shop, Kathir finds a girl writing a name “Meera” in the drenched window of a bus and both of them smile at each other, while the girl gets shy about him. Few days later, Kathir is fascinated by a tune heard from the piano in his shop. He finds that it was played by the girl Meera whom he saw in the bus. Meera orders for a red violin, which she wants to be delivered to her home. Kathir himself delivers it to her home and both of them become friends. They both then come closer and take their relationship to a further level becoming lovers. One day after a party, Kathir drops Meera off at her home. Meera feels someone is tailing her when she is returning to her apartment flat, but could not find anyone. Kathir persuades her to be bold and close all the doors and be safe.
Vinod is sacked from his job when illicit photographs of him with the wife of his boss goes viral in Facebook. Due to the humiliation faced in the office, Vinod hangs himself to death. Kathir blames DJ for encouraging Vinod and provoking his suicide for which DJ reacts indifferently.
One day, Kathir gets a compromising photograph of Meera in his mobile cell phone for which he gets shocked. He subsequently gets videos of Meera, while she changes her dress in a shop’s trial room. Kathir rushes to the shop where she is shopping and he indulges in a fight with the employees there. Meera gets irritated by his behavior and she demands an explanation for his acts. Kathir tells her about the video and Meera gets upset. In spite of Kathir’s effort to console her, she attempts to commits suicide. Kathir admits her to the hospital and saves her on time. Kathir tries to lodge a complaint about the videos in a police station, but the desperation of the police officers to watch the video makes him back off.
Kathir tries to get the address of the sender via a customer care of the service provider, but he fails due to the company’s privacy policy. Somehow, he manages to get it from a female staff member unofficially. Kathir angrily goes to catch the owner Mithula, but finds that the girl is dead five years ago. Kathir, once again, comes to a dead end. Meera gets discharged from the hospital and goes with Kathir to live in his house. DJ tries to find out about Mithula through a laundry person in the nearby area of Mithula’s residence. Mithula died by committing suicide, due the constant discipline torture of her father. DJ shares the information to Kathir and asks him to meet the next day in the morning. DJ is arrested the next morning by Narcotics Bureau for indulging in drug trafficking. Kathir finds out that an anonymous video was shared to Narcotics Bureau of drug supply activities in a pub. DJ happened to be in one of the videos caught by the sender and he was arrested. Kathir gets scared and he wants to go away from the city as he suspects that someone is targeting him. He rushes to his home, but he in the middle of the way he gets a video of Meera in her bathroom, bathing naked. Kathir gets a message from the sender, who blackmails him to do the task of removing his clothes and wear a rain coat and stand in a busy moving bridge for ten minutes, no matter what happens. Kathir wears the raincoat and stands in the rain, but the rain coat sheds the color in the rainwater becoming transparent, thereby making him to stand naked in a public place. The sender then asks how it feels to stand naked in front of public and it is the same feeling when a person’s privacy is breached. Kathir is arrested for public nuisance, but is then released.
Kathir returns home at night and Meera demands why he is not on time. After subsequent demands, Kathir yells at her for taking too much advantage of their relationship. Meera angrily leaves to her own home. Meera is confronted by an anonymous person and kidnapped. Kathir rushes to Meera’s flat and finds Meera’s neighbour ties her up. He rescues her and handovers the kidnapper to the police. Kathir feels happy that the problem has come to an end and he spends a night with her. Next day, Kathir once again gets a video of his intimate time with Meera. Kathir checks the entire room for a camera, but could find nothing, but finds a diary in the wardrobe.
Meera and Mithula were thick friends from their time at college some years ago. During a music competition in the college, Meera sees Kathir, who along with DJ and Vinod ironically study in the same college as Meera and Mithula and she gets attracted to him. and who was a performer in the music competition. Meera is desperate to talk with him, but he shows partial response. Mithula opes Meera and pokes fun at her romance. She imitates Meera on how she will react when Kathir proposes her while she was on her way to the bathroom, in a bathing attire. Meera unintentionally takes video of her imitation as a fun joke. Kathir, DJ, and Vinod find Meera’s mobile cell phone lying on the table and they steal the video from Meera’s mobile cell phone. Meera sees Kathir placing the mobile back to her place, but thinks Kathir wants her phone number. She happily waits for him to call. The video goes viral to the entire college and the next day, Mithula is sacked by her college. Mithula’s father misunderstands that she is having affairs with numerous men not even sparing girls. He gets disgusted and disowns her without hearing her explanation. Meera feels guilty for shooting the video and she consoles Mithula to ignore it, but Mithula jumps from the building and dies.
Back now, Kathir rushes to explain Meera but Meera stands in the terrace ready to jump. It is revealed that Meera is the person who shot the photos and videos of Vinod and DJ and is the reason for their death and arrest respectively. She is the one who sent the videos of her dress change in the trial room at the clothing store and the naked bathing video. Kathir begs her not to take a hasty decision. Kathir explains that he has nothing to do with that action, but Meera blames him that Kathir reacted only when his loved ones faced a problem, but remained quiet when a third person got affected. She tells him that staying dumb when a crime is happening is equivalent to committing the crime. Kathir failed to stop his friends when DJ and Vinod violated the privacy of Mithula. Kathir begs for an apology, while confessing his own love and feelings to Meera. Meera tells him that she loves him a lot, but both of them have become a reason for Mithula’s death and she cannot live with the guilt. She jumps off the building in spite of Kathir’s attempt to save her.

Directed by Ranjit Jeyakodi
Produced by Deepan Boopathy & Ratesh Velu
Written by Ranjit Jeyakodi
Starring Vijay Sethupathi, Gayathrie
Music by Sam C. S.
Cinematography Dinesh Krishnan
Edited by Bavan Sreekumar
Production Rebel Studio
Distributed by JSK Film Corporation
Release date 1 September 2017
Running time 120 minutes
Country India
Language Tamil


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Puriyatha Puthir Puriyatha Puthir

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