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sabaash meena tamil movie

Sabaash Meena is a Tamil language Comedy drama film directed by B. R. Panthulu and starring Sivaji Ganesan, J. P. Chandrababu, Malini and B. Saroja Devi in the lead roles. The film, had musical score by T. G. Lingappa and was released on 3 October 1958. J. P. Chandrababu played dual role, one was Sivaji’s idle friend and another one his look alike, a rickshawpuller in Madras, speaks typical Madras Tamizh. The look alike roles naturally gave a lot of scope for comedy and Chandrababu speaking the Madras lingo was excellent.
‘Sabash Meena’ is a laugh riot which shows how a simple poor girl manages to change a rich spoilt brat, making him a responsible person. Mohan (Sivaji Ganesan) is a rich spoilt brat. His erratic and irresponsible behavior forces his father Sadasivam Pillai to send him to his friend Appadorai’s place in Madras to work and learn something in life. Mohan a street smart guy sends his friend Shekar (Chandrababu) in his place to Appadorai. Appadorai, who has not seen Mohan accepts Shekar as Mohan and gives him a job. Shekar falls in love with Appadorai’s daughter and Mohan who meets Meena in a bus falls for her. What follow is a hilarious depiction of both their love stories and the confusions it creates.

Directed by B. R. Panthulu
Produced by B. R. Panthulu
Written by P. Neelakantan
Story by Dada Mirasi
Starring Sivaji Ganesan, J. P. Chandrababu, Malini, B. Saroja Devi, S. V. Ranga Rao, B. R. Panthulu, V. R. Rajagopal
Music by T. G. Lingappa
Cinematography W. R. Subba Rao & Karnan
Edited by R. Devarajan
Production Padmini Pictures
Distributed by A. L. S. Productions
Release dates 3 October 1958
Running time 159 mins
Country India India
Language Tamil


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