sernthu polama tamil movie
sernthu polama tamil movie

Serndhu Polama (Eng: Shall We Go Together?) is a Tamil romantic movie directed by Anil Kumar and produced by Sasi Nambeesan. The film stars Vinay, Madhurima and Preethi Christina Paul in the lead roles.
The movie starts of with Kumaran telling his wife that he is going to a temple. Actually he spend 2 days of each month with women he meets on the internet. His old fashioned Hep wife doesn’t suspect anything. while he is driving he finds abishek unconscious on the road. Abishek then tells Kumaran why he was on the road. Abishek is a disheveled photographer who meets his friend who is a florist. Julie is shoping and is in a hurry. She asks Abishek to drive her around for the day for 500 dollars. He agrees and borrows his friends car for the day. Julie invies abishek, a man she has no clue about, into her house and asks him to make coffee. while he is making coffee she asks him to zip up her dress. then they leave to meet a popular photographer who is abishek himself because Julie wants to be a vogue front page fashion model. once they reach his house abishek reveals that he is the famous photographer she wants to meet. then they fall in love in one song that takes them all over new zealand. julie’s parents don’t approve of their relationship and forcefully decide to get her married.
Meanwhile Abisheks childhood friend sees a picture in an art gallery and tells the manager about abishek, his friends, her childhood and then introduces herself as Sherin. Sherin spots a heartbroken Abishek drunk in a bar and escorts him to a hotel. there are some awkward circumstances between them but Abishek tells her full story once he is sober. Sherin talks about her dead brother murder that happened in their ” Secret place” and tries to help Abishek win back his girlfriend. Actually Sherin is convinced that Abishek murdered her brother because he was the last person to see him at the secret place and is going with abishek to get her revenge. Flash forward to the present where Kumaran sleeps around with a woman and has to escape when her husband returns. Sherin and Abishek try to find Julie but they are in no hurry. then Sherin meets Julie and tells Abishek to forget her.

Directed by Anil Kumar
Produced by Sasi Nambeesan
Written by Ravi Mathew
Starring Vinay, Madhurima, Preethi
Music by Vishnu Mohan
Cinematography Sanjeev Shankar
Production Aiswarya Entertainments
Distributed by Dream Factory
Release dates 6 March 2015
Country India
Language Tamil


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