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Sigai (Eng. Hair) is a 2019 Tamil language drama film directed by Jagadeesan Subu. The movie has Kathir in the lead role while Meera Nair, Raj Barath, Riythvika, and Mayilsamy play supporting roles. Sigai is set in Anna Nagar and depicts events that happen in one day. In this movie Kathir plays a role of a transgender, and an NRI who occasionally comes to India to visit his school friend. His possessiveness and close association with his friend is the cause of a major accident which takes the life of two innocent people. The story is highly gripping and narrates the love, lust and life of the third gender which has not much came in the lime light. Kathir feels highly dejected when his close friend looks for companionship with other female, ignoring his emotions.
Sigai opens with a pimp named Prasath (Raj Barath) handling all the prostitutes together with his partner Chetta (Rajesh Sarma). Prasath shows special care for a prostitute named Buvana (Riythvika) and treats her well than the others.
One night, a customer named Santhosh (Mal Maruga) calls Prasath and asks him a girl. Prasath asks Chetta, who suggests Nirmala alias Nimmi (Meera Nair) to be sent, who lives as a prostitute without the knowledge of her family, which consists of her mother and siblings, who are scared of her. She is taken to Santhosh by the help of Subramani (Mayilsamy), a cab driver. She is dropped at Santhosh’s place by Subramani.
The next day, Prasath and Chetta discover that Nimmi has not gone to other customers and that Santhosh was her last customer. They get puzzled, as Santosh states that she left and her phone is not attended. They then go to different places with the help of Subramani and investigate them. They soon reach Santhosh’s house, where they find him dead with no clue of Nimmi. Later, Chetta leaves Prasath and Subramani, and they both go to KFC for further investigation and are left clueless for what had happened. They once again reach to Santhosh’s house, where they find Nimmi killed, as well. Prasath is left alone seeing Chetta getting caught and later sees a man crying on his roof. He follows the man, who reveals what had happened actually.
The man reveals himself to be Mathivanan (Kathir), who is an NRI and comes to India each year to meet his close friend Santhosh. One night, Santhosh invites Nimmi to get laid. Nimmi seduces Mathi and says that it is alright for her to manage people while eating food from KFC. Nimmi waits in the room for them, while Santhosh is drunk and allows Mathi to go first. Mathi tells Nimmi to leave, and she remains stubborn and mocks him. Soon then, he accidentally kills her and cries out in guilt, later revealing that he is a transgender who wanted Santhosh to share his feelings. He hides her body in the fridge and tells to the now-recovered Santosh that she had left earlier. Later, Santosh discovers her body and gets to know Mathi’s true colors. He too mocks Mathi, ignoring his feelings towards him and is accidentally killed by him. He hides due to the arrival of Prasath at that moment and cries out in the pain that he faced through as a transgender. He completes narrating what happened that night, shares his pain, and leaves the place back at the present.
A few months later, we can see Chetta being a much strict pimp by providing strict guidelines to prostitutes, Prasath stopping being a pimp after listening to Subramani’s words and marrying Buvana, and Mathi living life as a transgender by growing a lot of hair.

Directed by Jagadeesan Subu
Produced by NPKS.Logu
Written by Jagadeesan Subbu, M.K.Mani & Aravindhan
Starring Kathir, Meera Nair, Raj Barath, Riythvika, Mayilsamy
Music by Ron Ethan Yohann
Cinematography Navin Kumar
Edited by Anucharan
Production Divine Studios
Distributed by ZEE5
Release date 9 January 2019
Running time 102 minutes
Country India
Language Tamil


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