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Vamsam (Eng: Lineage) is a 2010 Indian Tamil-language action film, starring debutante Arulnidhi and Sunaina in lead roles. The film is produced by Arulnidhi’s father and M. Karunanidhi’s youngest son, M. K. Thamizharasu, and features Jayaprakash, Ganja Karuppu, Kishore, Anupama Kumar among others in supporting roles. The film released on 13 August 2010 to positive reviews and became a profitable venture at the box-office.
At the outset, in Vamsam, Pandiraj has attempted to record the life styles, the culture, traditions of a community called Devar in the interior Tamil Nadu. There are 11 sects belonging to this community who are well known for a particular trait; one for rendering unequivocal justice, one for revenge, one for adventure sports etc.
Kishore belongs to the tribe which excels in rekla, silambam and other such games and always comes up trumps in any activity that he is involved in. Jayaprakash on the other hand belongs to the sect which avenges any form of humiliation. Not withstanding Kishore’s triumphs, he kills him mixing poison in his liquor. Jayaprakash’s intentions are to completely erase the clan of Kishore. However Kishore’s wife, who was pregnant during the time of her husband’s death, decides to raise her offspring away from the habits of her husband which brought him his untimely end. Fortunately for her, Jayaprakash spares her son.
Arulnidhi, son of Kishore is a very timid boy, a post graduate in Botany who minds his business. Unable to manage a cow (Asin), he sells it to Sunaina’s family but Asin runs back to Arulnidhi’s house. This leads to interesting interactions between the couple which ultimately blossom into love. Asin plays the messenger of love between the couple and the reason for their frequent meetings.
Meanwhile, Sunaina’s father who belongs to the clan of giving out justices, hands out a verdict in favor of Jayaprakash’s servant who was ill treated by him. Irked by the disgrace Jayaprakash kills him. Upset by this, Sunaina throws a pail of dung over Jayaprakash’s face in open street which is the pinnacle of ignominy for a person in the community. This triggers the series of revenge episodes in a relay fashion and where it all leads and ends form the rest of Vamsam.
In the department of performances, a deglamorized Sunaina takes the cake revealing that she can deliver any type of role. Although Arulnidhi fits the role of a docile, educated boy, he has a long way to go. The sequences where the couple in love talk in botanical terms is something new to Tamil cinema in recent times and would be enjoyable for Botany students. Ganja Karuppu and Arulnidhi take care of comedy department which are enjoyable. Kishore delivers a neatly crafted performance and so is Jayaprakash.
The screen play does tend to get wobbly at times and meanders here and there making it to difficult to connect with the film. Although there are incidents of killing, they have not been depicted grotesquely. The Thiruvizha scenes stand out in their native grandeur and the camerawork by Mahesh Muthusamy is laudable. The explanation about killing during Thiruvizha times is something new.
Music director Taj Noor; an erstwhile assistant of A R Rahman, shows potential especially in the pada pada pattampoochi number. He is efficient and sure to go places with the right kind of opportunity.
Pandiraj is successful in showcasing the life of a community in its various facets which could be interesting to some. He has fused realism and cinematic elements in the right proportion and has sliced his way through the path less trodden with considerable aplomb this time also.

Directed by Pandiraj
Produced by M. K. Thamizharasu
Written by Pandiraj
Starring Arulnidhi, Sunaina, Jayaprakash, Ganja Karuppu, Kishore, Anupama Kumar
Music by Taj Noor
Cinematography Mahesh Muthuswamy
Edited by Yogabhaskar
Production Moghana Movies
Release dates 13 August 2010
Country India
Language Tamil


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