veetla eli veliyila puli
veetla eli veliyila puli tamil movie

Veetla Eli Veliyila Puli is a 1991 Tamil film starring SV Sekhar, Janagaraj, Rubini and others.
Purushottaman, a manager in a firm, acts bold and tough outside but in reality is a chicken and a henpecked man totally under control of his dictatorial wife, Deivanayaki, and is stifled by her tyrannical nature. Surprised at seeing his subordinate Sivaraman’s wife, completely under his control, he shares his woeful tale with Sivaraman, and Sivaraman agrees to help him out. But, Deivanayaki comes to know of this and in turn poison’s Sivaraman’s wife Lakshmi, against him. Life turns topsy turvy for Sivaraman. Will he be able to lead a peaceful life with his wife again?


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