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Vizha (Eng: Function) is a 2013 Tamil film directed by Barathi Balakumaran. It stars Mahendran and Malavika Menon. This film is the love story of Sundaram, who plays the thappu at death functions, and Rakkamma, an oppari singer, and how his friends give him undying support. This film has been inspired by the award-winning short film Uthiri, and was extensively shot in Madurai, highlighting its cultural and traditional practices. James Vasanthan has added character to the film by using traditional folk instruments to compose some wonderful folk numbers. UK Senthilkumar’s camera and Praveen’s crisp editing, we hear, will only enhance the narrative.
Ramanarayan, who’s producing the film says, “Vizha is not a run-of-the-mill story. I felt that this was a script that deserved to be made into a film. We believe in giving opportunities to fresh talent and innovative story ideas.”
Echoing a similar sentiment is Sunir Kheterpal, who’s co-producing the film. He says, “The film will be unique in many ways — right from its story to its scintillating music by James Vasanthan. It will showcase a new style of story-telling, and I’m sure the audience will enjoy the film.”. It released on 27 December 2013.

Directed by Barathi Balakumaran
Produced by Rama Narayanan, Sunir Kheterpal, K.G.Jayavel & Balamurugan
Written by Barathi Balakumaran
Starring Mahendran, Malavika Menon
Music by James Vasanthan
Cinematography U. K. Senthilkumar
Edited by Praveen K. L. & N. B. Srikanth
Production Sri Thenandal Films, Azure Entertainment & JV Media Dreams
Release dates December 27, 2013
Country India
Language Tamil


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