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Padaiveeran (Eng: Soldier) is a 2018 Indian Tamil drama film, written and directed by Dhana. The film features Vijay Yesudas and Amritha Aiyer in the lead roles, with Bharathiraja and Akhil in supporting roles. Featuring music composed by Karthik Raja, Padaiveeran was released on 2 February 2018.
The film is based on a true story. Set in modern times in a rural village in Theni in south India, communal riots due to caste still happen almost all the time. Muneeshwaran (Vijay Yesudas) is a young jobless man who spends all his time with his similarly minded friends roaming around in the village with no purpose in life. One day, while accompanying an old lady to the police station, he learns that the villagers have high regard for cops as well as they earn easy money and get free liquor. Before leaving, he promises his childhood sweetheart, Malar (Amritha Aiyer) in the village that he will complete the training and marry her. His uncle Krishnan (Bharathiraja), a retired army officer helps him to get an entry into the police force by bribing the higher officials. He finds it tough at the training camp and even runs away halfway through to his village. However, his seniors manage to track him down and forcefully bring him back to camp. Eventually, Muneesh completes his training and becomes a police officer.
While he is away at camp, his widowed cousin is killed by his own relatives after her family finds out that she is in love with a young man from another caste, who has made plans to elope with her. The man is brutally murdered too, prompting a violent retaliation from members of rival clan, leading to a caste war. As part of his first duty as a police officer, Muneesh is posted to his village to control the communal riots which are fueled by one of his own uncles. Muneesh has to choose either to stay loyal to his duties or his caste. He then joins forces with his superior (Akhil) and arrests all those who were involved in the deadly riots, including his own uncle and cousins. However, all of them are released on bail.
In the end, both leaders of rival clans promise to make peace in order for the annual temple festival to be held. Muneesh attends the festival to ensure that his uncle and cousins do not cause any problems. However, they throw petrol on him and set him on fire. His uncle Krishnan and Malar try to save him but are stopped by the other villagers, who feel he has betrayed their clan.

Directed by Dhana
Produced by Madhivanan
Written by Dhana
Starring Vijay Yesudas, Bharathiraja, Akhil, Amritha Aiyer
Music by Karthik Raja
Cinematography Rajavel Mohan
Edited by Bhuvan Srinivasan
Production Evoke
Release date February 2, 2018
Country India
Language Tamil


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