YaadhumagiNindrai 2017
yaadhumagi nindraai tamil movie

Yaadhumagi Nindraai is a story that needs to be told to the world. It’s the story of several unknown faces hidden in the glamorous world of cinema. It’s the voice that screams to be heard. Yaadhumagi Nindraai is the story of eternity and the woman who fights destiny to be a survivor. Directed by Gayathi Raghuram, this is based on several true stories that happen in the daily lives of background dancers. This is the first film in Tamil to give an insight into the lives of the background dancers and the dreams and aspirations they cherish. The film follows the story of a young school going girl, forced to take up dancing to make the ends meet for her family. Her dreams and aspirations are simple, but the realities of life is a lot more harsh than what one can imagine. This is a story that travels over 2 decades of the life of one such dancer Thamarai and the various people she meets and travels with. This is a story of hope, it’s a story of a young girl, it’s a story that has to be experienced to be cherished. It’s a story that stays with you for a long time.

The film follows the journey of a female background dancer, Thamarai, who struggles in her life and career mostly due to sexual exploitation in a male-dominated world. Men try to take advantage of Thamarai at every turn of her life.


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